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Title: Is this a real feature in SFC or a script being run?
Post by: Jerrico on November 25, 2016, 06:02:48 PM
I am in Eradeon 3. I have attacked a specific Player FERD from the Centaur Alliance 5 times in a row with a 7 minute attack window. just seconds prior to the attack, I have confirmed all 9 Planets and moons are idle and the Heph accounted for (Sitting on the planet) and in 5 times, he comes on just at the nick of time and escapes. Okay, I can accept 2 or 3 of them but 5 times in a ROW?! I have been playing this game and hit many players and no one is that lucky. So I emailed him that he is cheating and he is claiming that if you sit IDLE on a Fleet screen and an attack comes in that an orange/red bar comes flashing across the screen warning you that an attack is coming in.

I have NEVER seen this ever and I just tested this will other players where I sat on the Fleet screen (IDLE) while the resources increase but I have NEVER seen an alert of any kind where an attack is coming, You have to refresh the screen to see the attack coming. So I ask my fellow players, have you ever seen you get alerted on the Fleet screen while an attack is coming WITHOUT refreshing the screen???

His messages to me:

To: Jerrico
Date: 2016-11-25 16:57:26 UTC
I do not use anything if you look at the fleet scren you see it refreshes your resource level every 10 seconds or so without you doing anything. It has been like that since I started playing.
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   Ferd   re: Really?   about 1 hour ago
To: Jerrico
Date: 2016-11-25 16:49:43 UTC
If you leave your fleet screen up all the time an orange red bar comes across the screen and you see someone attacking. I spend most of my time sitting at desk and all I have to do is glance at it every few minutes.

I want remind of the Rules of SFC, please read rule 12 below.

12. Scripting / Botting
Players may not use any sort of script or program to automate any portion of their game play, including, but not not limited to, running missions, fleet saving, and refreshing the page. Additionally, players may not use any script which creates an audible warning or generates a warning outside of the game, including but not limited to, an e-mail, SMS message, or MMS message.

Players in violation of this rule will be suspended with increasing penalties for each violation. The general penalties for violation of this rule will be a 3 day suspension, 7 day suspension, and then indefinite suspension. Additionally, we reserve the right to remove ships or resources from an account as a penalty for violation of this rule. In the event of an egregious violation of the rules the account may be deleted or reset.
Title: Re: Is this a real feature in SFC or a script being run?
Post by: Boris Alden on December 08, 2016, 10:47:19 AM
Google Chrome can auto refresh a screen I believe it is some default but you would see activity....
Title: Re: Is this a real feature in SFC or a script being run?
Post by: Jerrico on December 17, 2016, 01:07:17 PM
I knew it, he was cheating.
The point is moot now, I got his fleet anyway.
Title: Re: Is this a real feature in SFC or a script being run?
Post by: Elevas on March 18, 2017, 06:27:20 AM
But if you confirmed his planets were all idle, this isn't a matter of an auto-refresh bot... Otherwise you would have seen the activity.
Title: Re: Is this a real feature in SFC or a script being run?
Post by: DolphinDiver on May 02, 2017, 07:24:50 PM
He is observing from another account with a moon
Title: Re: Is this a real feature in SFC or a script being run?
Post by: Jasonb_03 on May 20, 2017, 05:54:49 AM
dolphin diver may be correct, or even a friend watching from a moon for him, but in the olden days there was a script that did exactly what he says, if you were on fleet screen, it flashed an alert when an attack was coming in. I don't know the ins/outs of it, as I like to destroy or get smashed honestly, but back in the day scripts of all kinds existed and for some reason I remember this one. No activity at all seems impossible though, and I can't remember if the script was capable of that. I wish I could remember. Like you said, moot, he's dead, good work Jerrico. Bust em up cheating or not, that was our old motto. The ones we figured were cheating made us work 10X harder to completely wipe their a$$e$ off the Earth. To FERD, the victim here of a swell smashing, hey if you were not cheating, sorry, guess you didn't look enough, if you were using that old time script, you got what you had coming, end of story. Nice work either way Jerrico, you kept at it and whether he was cheating or not, he eventually slipped and you were there to get him. That is the kind of determination that made me love this game back before they made so many unis that none of them are populated enough to be any fun. Now I just try to make moons for whatever alliance wants me, and have no fleet anywhere, and have shaved the number of unis I even watch, and don't remember the last new one I started. I'm not sure I could take the 3 days of staying awake running missions just to make sure I'm in the top 25 -50 when it's time to fleet build and start killing. So hat's off to ppl like you keeping the dream alive and letting me read an interesting post buried in crap posts. Again, NICE WORK. Victim, if you don't have that script, sorry you didn't look enough, but this guy was determined to get you and you let your ships out and baited him over and over. The only reason I've ever done this was to pull off a ninja. It begs the question why put meat out in front of the wolves, and take it away right before they eat over and over (cheating or not), cos eventually you WILL find that player that won't quit till you are dead, and it seems you found them. Not a very good tactic if you plan on keeping a fleet. A secret fleet in the air is a safe fleet, with the addition of those secret probes, sitting a fleet for any amount of time is just dangerous, cos there are still people who will buy (oh yeah shadow probes) just to see when and how long you leave your fleet sitting w/o checking on it. come to think of it I even tested that script I was talking about at one time, for a programmer helping BFG determine who was running it, and sure enough, just sitting here watching TV, if someone attacked me, my screen would flash alerting me to the incoming. I wish so bad I could remember if it did it without showing * on any planet, but I can't, of course you could be sitting on a heph that you've been VERY careful to never get spotted and showing activity like crazy and see incoming with all your planets dead, so I have no blame to lay either way to either party involved, just some info about the crazy things ppl did in the old days to try and get ahead. It's a game folks, play and enjoy, cheating takes all the fun out of it!
That script was supposedly destroyed years ago, so BFG should be able to tell pretty easily if you were using it, as I think it was given to them to study. Good luck with that if you were using it, that thing is a dinosaur script that had a ton of cheats built into it. Not blaming you, but in general, a script with the power that one had takes all fun out of the game... period. Sorry you lost your fleet bud, but that is the name of the game, and I respect a player that went after you that many times and finally got you, respect I say! I guess most of the old timers like me that remember that script are long gone from this game by now, and again, since you have no fleet the point is now moot, but the (s) badge lasts forever. I never had one in all my years of active playing, and now since I'm not active I don't see how I could ever get s's now, so you are hearing from an honest player here, just telling secrets he knows. It is easy to cheat any game if you try hard enough, it's kind of like being a prisoner, they build bars, you have all the time in the world to watch and figure out how to get through them. I knew the master scripters that were on the level like the legend Pengy, I consider him my personal friend and was taught a lot about the game by him starting with a lucky meeting when I started uni2 and wound up in his alliance, and he was willing to take a n00b under his wing and teach me. If I mention the legend I must also mention another I consider a legend Ian8144, my buddy that helped me learn to kill, and I'm sure was proud of me as I slow probed our first heph kill (his who knows how many hephs downed already) to make sure we had a clean hit coming. The adrenaline rush was incredible. Back then there were enough players, and NO NPC's (which basically ran me from the game with the splitting of the fresh meat at the same time). Anyway Ian, wherever you are I hope you are enjoying a nice full glass of scotch and I'm still waiting for you to send me that bell back if you don't need it anymore. Of course, keep it if needed lol. I love ya man. Thanks for the teaching you gave to me. Many hephs and fleets fell due to you teaching me all the tricks in what I remember as the good ole days. Ok folks back to your regular programming, and give this guy credit for going and going and going ....... and going until boom. That is what this game started out as, not space farmville with NPC's giving away free res to anyone willing to wasted their time to hit one. Yeah flame me, I know the leaders are all space farmers, as an active true hunter can't compete with what the NPC's give you free. To the ones that hunt AND hit NPC's, I have to respect that as it takes time to do it without using any cheat system that auto scans so many systems each way every so often and basically says "hey, dummy, here is some free res, come get it". Wow didn't mean to write a novel, but this player's determination is inspiring after years and years since I have felt that feeling of busting up someone I'd been after forever.