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Tournament Universe / nothing
« on: August 22, 2013, 05:11:13 AM »

Tournament Universe / bob's laziest minion quitting
« on: August 15, 2013, 12:44:11 AM »
I've been playing under the username bob's laziest minion but Monday my laptop broke down. Playing on my tablet is driving me nuts (it takes me three times as long to do anything, including typing these messages) so I am going to quit.  I am building solar arrays so my mines are fully powered when my satellites are blown up.  Until then I will still be fleet saving but after Friday night I'll stop doing any fleet movements, and the final frs will take awhile to get back.  I'll also dismantle my abm's.  After that I'll still log on but no fleet movements or res expenditures, I'll just be checking the leaderboards.

I've enjoyed this uni and I would be very excited if this format continued, especially if it were lengthened to 3 months.  Best of luck to all of you and enjoy the mines.

Season One Archive / Disapointing...
« on: June 29, 2012, 09:32:38 AM »
Had high hopes seeing there would be a tourney uni.  Really liked seeing it would only be four months, I can actually pay attention for 4 months lol.  Liked seeing nova ships, u2 mines, X speeds and 3x build times to go with the normal dsp.  Had fun taking out the ol' spreadsheets and looking at what would be the most viable approach to give me my best chance.  I didn't care there wasn't a prize for winning, I probably wouldn't have won any way, my goal would have been top 5.  However, on seeing that lucky draw tokens would be available from day one (or really at all) I lost all interest in playing.

I know others are saying the same things as I am on this but:

1)  The Tournament in no way measures skill level.

2)  I get bfg has to make money to stay around.  I am student poor so don't have tons to spend but I am good for $50 a uni, more if I have money burning a hole in my pocket.  But part of bfg making money is contingent on keeping their customers satisfied.  In six sigma this is called delighting your customers.  Obviously the big spenders are the main customers.  Borris and WGW in the first day of Nova spent more money on the game than I ever have.  Still, the more pay to play the game becomes the less desirable it becomes for the little spender, like me, and the no spender.  And for the big spender having people to play with is part of the product.

Hopefully bfg reconsiders, there is still a week or so left and crazier things have been known to happen.  If they don't though, BFG can do what they want with their product.  Just don't expect me to play it.

Feature Suggestions / Changing the rules for Pulling
« on: June 29, 2011, 11:15:34 PM »
First off this post and thread is not targeting any specific players or events.  For anyone who responds, please refrain from talking about specific players just focus on the ideas.

Now to the heart of it.  As the rules currently are it is possible to buy an account higher ranked than your own and then proceed to have your neighbor/girl friend/brother/sister/dog crash the account into your own facilitating a massive resource transfer.  It's legal.  It's not multi-accounting and it's not pushing.  However, I believe it damages the integrity of the game.  It amounts to buying resources.

I am trying to come up with a fix for this (as I imagine several other people are as well) and so far I think there needs to be restrictions on which players can be pulled.

One idea I have is that after a player leaves the final tier of newbie mode they can no longer be pulled.  Except in cases where they have lost 25% or more of their RSP in a 24 hour period, in which case they can be pulled for a week.  Also there would have to be an exception for players who group hunt so they can fairly divide up their debris fields.  I see downsides to this but it would solve the problem.

Another idea is much less strict.  Bfg would be able to subjectively rule on cases of extreme pulling.  They could issue bans or suspensions for blatant acts and still let all the small day to day stuff (df sharing for instance) go on.  I know that BFG subjectivity has a tendency to annoy some of the players here on the forum but this is probably the easiest fix.

Another possibility is to make the top 10% of rsp unable to be pulled.  They could then ticket bfg to get their share of df's transferred to them and that probably wouldn't be too inconvenient to bfg.

Thoughts?  Other solutions?

Well the Player Panel has been together for about a month now and some of the reactions to it have been predictable.  Some people think that the panel is running BFG now (they aren't btw) and some people think that the panel are getting favors from BFG (they aren't btw).  So I decided to take it upon myself to understand more about the panel.  Both who they are, what they do, and how can we get in contact with them.

So without further ado I give you my personal guide to understanding the player panel:

Who Makes Up the Player Panel:

The members of the player panel are...  for the most part very very good players  (did you like how I teased you there).  There are a players who primarily built infrastructure.  There are fleeters.  There are social players.  Several of the members have been in mass alliances.  The first thing that stands out as a common theme about them is that all of these players have spent time helping out other players.  The second thing that stands out is that they know how the game is played and several of them understand game mechanics better than I do (forgive my arrogance but that isn't that easy to do).  I have a lot of respect for most of the players though I admit to not being familiar with some.

Something you also need to understand is that this is volunteer work what they are doing.  Some of these players have been retired from the game for a while but are still involved because they want to make the game better than it is.  I am not saying the panel is perfect or that we should hold them in awe for their sacrifice.  When I look at the thread where Matt announced that the panel was going to happen I see that just about the entire forum volunteered.  What I am saying is when you the forum dweller go to accuse the panel of questionable motives consider what your own motives were for wanting to be on the panel.  Yeah you might have wanted some prestige but I doubt you were thinking, great now Matt will give me everything I want.  I suspect the thought process was more, hey I have good ideas, I can contribute.

If you are upset or frustrated about the rumors of who is on the panel let me assure you that it is a very good group of knowledgeable people.  BTW, I am not on the panel.

Now that we know more or less what type of players are on the panel let's look at what BFG uses them for.

First.  The panel was not created just so the Heph Merchant near mistake doesn't happen again.  The panel was something that had been suggested to BFG before that, the heph merchant incident just showed highlighted how a panel could be very helpful.

BFG still makes the decisions and I suspect Matt and the rest of BFG make their decisions based primarily on their business model.  However, the players on the panel have spent considerably more time thinking about the game than the actual developers have.  BFG recognizes that they are better able to understand how new changes can negatively impact the game.

The Panel is basically free outside consulting that knows the product better than the producer.  Not a bad deal for BFG.

There are two subjects that BFG asks them about.  Changes to current existing universes that can help preserve them and input on new universes and a new game (I am assuming SFC 2 which I am completely excited for).  The Panel was not consulted on all of the recent changes (some, maybe one, BFG had figured out already and was set on implementing) but they have given feedback for the majority of them.

In order to do this  BFG uses a convore chat where they (Matt and John Hunka) can talk with the various panel members.  For those of you not familiar with convore, it is a chat program that allows you to have topics as well as group conversations.  So the Player Panel is a group conversation where each of the members can create topics inside of the conversation.  This way discussion about x does not drown out the thought about z both have their own topic bubbles.  When Bfg wants to know something either Matt or John just create a topic where they ask "What do you think of Q?"

But they aren't just limited to the things Matt or John want to know about.  The Panel Members also are able to create their own topics where they talk about fixes they think would be good for the game or new mechanics.  It is not just top down the creativity also flows up.

Which brings me to my last section.  We as Non-Panel Peoples (lol npps) can also come up with ideas and guess what?  If they are good the Panel will pass them on.  If the Panel and BFG like the idea they can take it a step further and implement it.

The Panel Member I was talking to told me this about their process:
Quote from: "Anonymous Panel Diety"
we are all bringing in ideas from both the forum and other players each of us is in touch with a different player base, who we talk with, so yes we have our own knowledge and experience but we are also drawing on theirs... we all read the forum, and Matt and John now more so then ever

This last section is pretty simple.  If you have good ideas (or even any semi-decent ideas, lol) talk about them in your alliance skype, post them on the forum, get them in other people's sight.  BFG is listening now more than ever and the Panel is proof of that.

Off-Topic / Should Dp ever be forgiven
« on: May 26, 2011, 02:19:57 AM »
It has been more than a year since he was banned.  He has played the game despite the perma ban (I know right? why did they ban him just to let him play still, lol) and during the last year he hasn't spammed anyone and appears to have mellowed.

So do you forgive him?

Trading Post / Buying Hydro
« on: February 25, 2011, 06:30:26 PM »
I am looking to buy up hydro at 1:1 rates for crystal.  I am looking for long term trading partners.  I am in galaxies 1-8 and would primarily be interested in trades in there but if you have a large quantity (10m+) I would be willing to make exceptions.

My in game name is The Anit-Brav and you can find me in the top 20 on the leaderboard if you have interest.

Strategy / Bravicus's Guide to SFC
« on: February 23, 2011, 08:50:02 AM »
Bravicus's Guide to Empire Building

This guide is meant for players who understand sfc game play and terminology.  It's purpose is to help players understand how to more effectively build a sustainable and more powerful account by using empirically supported strategy.  Right now it is two sections, Planet Building and Fleet building.  I will be adding a section on technology as well.  I suspect there will be some flaming that goes on but before you flame what I say go back and read it and think about if what I say actually makes sense.  If not flame away.   Enjoy.

Part I.  Planet Building.
A large part of SFC game play is blowing other people's things up.  However in order to do that you have to have better stuff than them.  Building up your planet intelligently is an important part to doing this.  The biggest reason you even have planets is for the passive income generated by mines.  Mines are not just for turtles.  The best players in every universe have respectable mines.

1.  Mine Building
One of the most important things to know about mines is that each level of mine is less efficient than its preceding level.  Because of this it makes sense to build up the mines across all of your planets evenly.    Some players like build up a main planets mines much higher than their feeder planets.  This is a bad use of resources as the return on investment is less than what you would have gotten by leveling up the mines evenly.

Now that you know to level your mines evenly the next thing to look at is which mines to level up and when.  With mine building there is a way to maximize your growth.  The rule of thumb is that your next mine is whichever ore or crystal mine takes the least amount of time to build (I say ore or crystal because until you need to support a large fleet hydrogen is less of an issue).  Building whichever mine takes the least amount of time will make sure that your resource production stays balanced.  After all if you are producing too much ore you will find the only thing you can spend it on is missile batteries or armor tech.

The fastest way to level up your mines is to use the res from all of your planets on one mine at a time.  In other words you send res from planets 2-9 to build planet 1's ore 27 and then you send res from 1 and 3-9 to build planet 2's ore 27 and so on.  In order to do this it makes sense to have all of your planets within traveling distance to each other.  Also it will save you the need to have large storage on all your planets.

With mines those are three points to remember:
Level up your mines evenly
The next mine you build is the one that takes the least amount of time
Transport resources from your planets in order to level up your mines quickly

2a.  Planet distribution
I advocate for having all 9 of your planets be spread out within a 5 galaxy spread.  This is for two reasons, hunting and logistics.

Every planet you have is a place you can fleet from or at the very least farm from.  In order to maximize your hunting area none of your planets can have their attack radius overlap.  The attack radius is whatever distance you are comfortable attacking in.  For me it is 40-50 systems.  But for you it may be less (more can be dangerous and very time consuming).  If your attack radius is 40-50 systems like me the closest one planet should be to the next is 100 systems. Following this logic the absolutely smallest your empire should be is 9 planets in 2 galaxies.  1st planet in 1:50,next 1:150, next in 1:250 and so forth.  Being a little more spread out, I find, is more helpful once you have a Hephaestus.

Logistics means several things here.  1st being able to support your fleet, that means getting reinforcements to it as well as fuel.  2nd being able to build up your mines by pooling your resources from all of your planets as was previously discussed in the Mine building section.  3rd once you start building ships because of the hydrogen costs for moving them it saves you resources to build them in the gathering point as opposed to building them everywhere and then consolidating them.  All of these things are much easier to accomplish if your planets are not too far apart.

2b.  The hub planet
The hub planet is where you build your fleet.  Because of hydro costs it makes sense to move the res to build ships as opposed to building ships and then consolidating them.  Also it is cheaper because it requires less infrastructure.  You simply do not need a level 13 shipyard on every planet.  A level 9 will do just fine.  Also building 1 level 5 foundry is just as cheap as building 2 level 4's and it will build as much in the same amount of time.  And if your other planets only are building mines you shouldn't need a level 4 foundry on them until you start building bigger mines than level 33 ores.

Now for a little math.  Assuming you are playing uni2 (greater mine production) and you have 9 planets with mines at 33/29/28 fully loaded with mine droids you should be producing around 1.37 million resources per hour.  A level 5 foundry with a level 13 shipyard can produce 1.28 million worth or resources the hour.  That means it can keep up with your ore and crystal production as your fleet uses the excess hydro.

Apart from just building your ships on your hub because it is the central point of your empire it makes sense to have all your other planets be sending their resources to the hub daily.  This is to make the resources arrive in a somewhat uniform time frame.  From the hub you can then send the resource to wherever they are needed for the next mine.  On my hub world I have 2k hercs for this express purpose.

3.  Planet Fields
How much is enough?  Well you need less than you think.  All you need even on your hub  is around 200 fields.  You don't need 300 though they are nice to get.  Here is why.

Having mines of 33/29/28 is only 90 fields
Capitol 10, Shipyard 13, Research Lab 12, Foundry 5 is another 41 fields
That puts us at 131 fields leaving 69 fields for missile silos, warehouses and solar arrays which is more than enough.  

If it is not your hub you will get along fine with only 190 fields or even 180 since you do not need level 12 research labs on every planet.  This is just to save you from gaia crashing.

Part II.  Fleet Building

So you've now got an empire with nice mines.  Now it is time for the fun part of SFC, fleeting.  There are a lot of beliefs about ships which are based on no more than anecdotal evidence.  This part of the guide is to help you understand what ships will best suit your play style.

1. Targets

The type of ships you build will depend greatly on what you are hunting.  I have targets divided into 5 categories.  Farms, Turtles, Smaller, Near Equal and Larger.

Farms are targets with light defenses few ships and some resources.  The best farms are established players who don't spend resources on d, they will have good mines and no d.  The worst farms are (i) players that never really got started.  If you intend to be a farmer all you need is a small combat fleet and a massive cargo fleet.  This is not a type of target that is all that complicated.

Turtles are targets with large amounts of defense, limited ship numbers and decent resource production.  What makes them a good target is that they will often just let the res sit behind their d and not bother to fleetsave it.  They are basically farms with thorns.  In order for you to attack turtles you fleet should be proms and ares heavy in your fleet.

The next three categories are in comparison to your own fleet. Smaller does not mean a 2m df.  It means the target is a target that you can handle fairly easily by yourself.  Near equal means a target that you can either barely take for profit by yourself or that you can take for profit with very little outside help.  Larger means a target that you can only make a profit on by having a massive group attack.  

Smaller targets are fleets that cost significantly less than your own.  With the right fleet you might not take any losses when destroying them.  Survivability is the most important aspect of a fleet going after smaller targets.

Near equal targets are fleets that cost close to your own fleet.  In some cases it may be possible to hit near equals solo but only if you have a well balanced well foddered fleet.  If you are attacking near equal fleets the ships you build should have very good hull per cost and good attack per cost.  This is because in order to hit their fleet for profit you have to be doing much more damage per cost than they are since your fleets cost almost the same.

Massive targets are fleets that are much bigger than your own.  The only way you can hit these for profit is to be in a group.  Depending on how big of a group you get these will either become smaller targets or near equal targets and the ships the group sends should be based around which it is.

2.  What ship and why.

Atlas:  These are the best farming ship.  They are fast and they hold more cargo than other ships.  The also have some benefits when going against near equal targets and turtles.  Against turtles they can improve the profitability when the resources left on the planet are more than your proms and ares can carry off.  Against near equal targets you almost have to send everything and the kitchen sink to even make a profit.  But more importantly against posi heavy fleets they break posi rapidfire chains.

Herc:  Hercs exist to transport resources from one planet to another (or to offload it from your heph).  However because of how slow they are and because they barely have more hull than an apollo they are not good ships to fleet with.  Mainly in all but against the smallest fleets they will only add to the debris field.  Still they have the best cargo capacity to cost ratio in the game.

Artemis:  Is the best fodder in the game.  It has the cheapest hull per cost.  Also Proms, Hades, Ares and Athenas do not have rapidfire against them meaning they are a great way to minimize damage to your capitols.  These are needed against plasma heavy turtles, small targets that are mainly capitol ships, near-equal targets, and massive targets.  So unless you are a farmer you will want artemis by the barrel.

Apollo:  I am going to show my bias here and just say that these are my favorite type of ship.  That said you should not build apollos if you are mainly attacking turtles or small targets.  Apollos are best for two purposes.  Protecting your artemis against posi heavy fleets or for creating a very special fleet type called the swarm.  Apollos are good additions in near equal targets or massive targets.

Posiedon:  The artemis killer.  This ship is very useful for farming because it handles light defenses easily.  Poseidons can also cut through imbalanced fodder walls making them good against near equal targets and massive targets.

Athenas:  They have the second best attack per cost of any ship in the game.  They are good against all targets other than plasma heavy turtles.

Hades:  The good: they are fast, don't cost much fuel to use, they rapidfire athenas, posis and apollos, and they also have good survivability because of their hull and their shields.  The bad, they have the lowest attack per cost and hull per cost of any combat ship, including the ares and posi.  What does this mean?  That if you are targeting balanced fleets near your own size (balanced meaning designed to mitigate rapidfire) they will be doing about 37% of the damage per cost of an athena.  However hades are great for taking out imbalanced fleets of all category types as well as any fleet significantly smaller than you.

Ares:  First off, they are slow.  Secondly they are the best turtle busting ship.  They have high survivability and great rapidfire against defenses.  I would only recommend them against turtles but if you have them built and are attacking a near equal or massive target  and you already are including proms you might as well send them along too.

Proms:  These are the best ship in the game against the bigger guns of SFC.  Outside of Zeus they are the only ship that can kill hephs.  Also they are the most cost effective ship for killing zeus.  They survive plasma cannons and they rapidfire hades.  They would be used a lot more if they weren't so slow.  However when you are launching off of a heph whatever time your ships are out on attacks is time when your heph is vulnerable to being attacked.  If this risk does not bother you too much they are fine for attacking all targets.

A concession:  One aspect I have not looked at is hydro costs.  If your fleet costs too much for you to sustain it with hydro, having the focus on mines that I do, I would recommend building more hydro mines.  

3. Fleet Types:

Now that we have identified what ships are good for what targets we can now look at how it all comes together.

Conventional Fleet:  This is a fleet designed to be able to more or less hit every target.  It makes sense to build because any universe is full of very different targets so you want to hit all of them.  It maximizes profitability by maximizing versatility.  Here is an example ratio of a well balanced conventional fleet.  1 ares: 1 prom: 4-3 hades: 6 athenas: 6-3 posis: 12 apollos: 40 arties.

Turtle Buster:  1:1 ares to proms plus lots of arties will make this work nicely.  Most turtles don't have many ships to speak of so you don't have to worry about posi rapid fire against your arties.  Also for a little more versatility add hades as their survivability is good enough to last against turtles.

Swarm:  This fleet is designed to be able to take equal cost fleets for profit.  It maximizes cost per hull and cost per attack.  The base of it is building 1:1 apollos:arties.  This minimizes the effects of rapidfire.  However neither apollos or arties can kill Zeus or hephs.  So you will want to build some proms and athenas.  With proms only build up to 1,500 as that will kill a heph in 1 round.  Also limit your athena building to the same amount.  Also you may find that many targets that are near your own size have a lot of arties but no apollos to break posi chains making posiedons a valuable addition as well.

What I personally recommend for somebody trying to maximize targets is to build a conventional fleet of the above ratio but to not build nearly as many ares and to only build 1500 proms.

Battle Reports / Swarm Kills Zues in Blind-O (Me (ODB) vs. Tyree (Khan))
« on: February 21, 2011, 09:21:26 PM »
I had actually launched twice at him in that last 24 hours but for whatever reason he didn't think that meant I was hunting him.  Last night as soon as I saw him fleetsave I painted him more or less 7 and a half hours later this happened.

This is not my fleets ideal target (too much d and a zues) but it still comes out to a great hit.

The Anti-Brav led an attack on tyree at Relations Center
The following emerged from battle after 5 rounds:

*****Attacker: The Anti-Brav*****
Artemis: 47376  (Lost: 2624)
Apollo: 48365  (Lost: 1635)
Poseidon: 2832  (Lost: 27)
Athena: 425
** Resources lost: 18,222,000 ore, 6,900,500 crystal, and 54,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 150,730

*****Defender: tyree*****
Hermes: 0  (Lost: 123)
Helios: 0  (Lost: 175)
Artemis: 0  (Lost: 10010)
Atlas: 0  (Lost: 356)
Apollo: 0  (Lost: 1208)
Hercules: 0  (Lost: 103)
Dionysus: 0  (Lost: 269)
Poseidon: 0  (Lost: 710)
Athena: 0  (Lost: 290)
Ares: 0  (Lost: 10)
Hades: 0  (Lost: 232)
Prometheus: 0  (Lost: 190)
Zeus: 0  (Lost: 1)
Missile: 0  (Lost: 7767)
Laser: 0  (Lost: 514)
Pulse: 0  (Lost: 70)
Particle: 0  (Lost: 70)
Decoy: 0  (Lost: 1)
Gauss: 0  (Lost: 45)
Large decoy: 0  (Lost: 1)
Plasma: 0  (Lost: 35)
** Ship Resources lost: 92,408,000 ore, 48,797,000 crystal, and 9,525,500 hydrogen.
** Total Resources lost: 111,983,000 ore, 52,099,000 crystal, and 10,665,500 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 25,176

The attacking side acquired 256,182 ore, 116,988 crystal, and 1,390,436 hydrogen.
Some of the enemy's defenses were rebuilt.
33,189,000 ore and 16,709,250 crystal are now floating at this location.
There was a 20.0% chance that a moon would form from the debris.
A new moon did form from the wreckage.

Battle Reports / The Anti-Brav Vs. King James
« on: February 19, 2011, 07:08:16 AM »
In the attack from The God Swarm  on Dillon's Hunt:

The attacking side acquired 7,537,379 ore, 1,364,394 crystal, and 3,462,251 hydrogen.

64,016,700 ore and 38,388,150 crystal are now floating at this location.

You lost:
 52posis  4,114apollos  5,296arties  75atlas

Battle Reports / Yaman+Tutorial Bar=Biggest DF to Date
« on: January 22, 2011, 09:26:23 AM »
This was a target both of us wanted as he was a little mouthy, and besides who doesn't want a 20m df?

Battle Reports / Tutorial Bar strikes again 9.7m df
« on: January 21, 2011, 09:24:13 AM »
Life without ever building an arty continues as the feared tutorial bar destroys yet another fleet.

Hopefully I can do this a lot more often.

Bravicus's Guide to Strategic Douchebaggery and Tactical Overconfidence.

A lot of people have their own strategies for how they play this game.  Some will tell you mining is the way to the top.  Others say mining is, and I quote "BORING!!!" and that they play "to blow shit up".  But even among the fleeters there is a wide array of opinions.  The a.d.d. crowd will blow up anything they can and promptly be looking for the next shiny thing.  Then there are the people who rigidly insist on making massive profit on their attacks, and to the a.d.d. crowd that is almost as lame as mining.

And that is just style of play.  I haven't even mentioned the "OMG HADES ARE THE BEST SHIP EVAR" people, tools that they are.  Or those who rave on and on about the virtues of the apollo.

All these styles and strategies are very good and all and if they work for you great, however; there is another option.  Be a douche!

Being a douche can be very rewarding.  First for all the angry messages you get, and secondly a lot of people like to attack douchebags.  The second part is what makes this style of play strategic.  For instance in rl I am not a douche, it's against my nature to be an ass to people, still in the game I have several times acted like a douche in order to get the attention of an entire alliance and to great results.

Because its goal is to provoke the wrath of an entire alliance this strategy is best me by working in a team.  The team is there to be able to gd whatever gets thrown at you.  If the other team members want to follow this guide as well the strategy will still work, there just has to be at least one per team.

Once you have a team in place the next thing you need to do is to target an alliance.  I find the best targets are mass alliances that have a lot of alliance pride.  Previously I have targeted Unimat0 and LEGION with this approach and both were a lot of fun.  The following are three things the target must have.

Strong alliance identity (if people include their alliance in their in game pm signatures that is a good indicator of this)
Alliance has many targets that your team can take out.
The alliance has to be somewhat committed to fleeting (otherwise how are you going to get them to attack you)

Note that many of the more famous alliances (Empire, Exiled) meet this criteria (if you have large enough fleets).

Once you have decided which alliance to target you will need to get their attention.  Might I suggest a couple of methods as to how?

Nuke them every time they probe you
Name your planets things like Destiny=Noobs
When they pm you respond giving them an annoying nickname which you will then use forever
Send them Newsletters proclaiming the downfall of their alliance
D-bash them and blow up their sats whenever you can

If you have other suggestions I welcome them.

Do any of those things long enough and there will be posts about you on their alliance forum.  But there is still more preparation to do.  

I used to play with General Duke in SFCO, he is by far one of the most antagonizing players who has ever played.  I constantly was asked how I could stand him.  Still for all his douchebaggery, he never appeared overconfident which made his douchbaggery worthless for strategery.

In order to sell the alliance on the idea that you are a tool you have to make yourself look vulnerable.  They have to believe that they can catch you and blow you up.  Here are someways to do that:

Let them catch a small fleet preferably to a ninja (letting them ninja you is a great way to get them to believe you don't know what you are doing)
Change your name right before you start targeting them (you can claim to be a new player)
In pm's sound like you don't know what you are talking about
Set aside an hour every day where you pretend to be offline, only having your team mates watch your planet for activity.

In conclusion, being a douchebag will be one of the most fulfilling decisions you make in this game.  Follow this guide faithfully and don't be afraid to use your own ideas and eventually everybody will be attacking you.

Extreme Universe 2 / Biggest mines
« on: January 05, 2011, 12:43:57 AM »
Just wondering what people have these days.  I am at 25/22 on just about all of my planets.

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