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Universe 2 / Loss of Good Players
« on: December 06, 2017, 03:33:47 AM »
This Universe is losing players fast...  We need to recruit from outside. Bring in newbies and set them up with enough resources to make a good start, show them the ropes, etc.

 Major General Skybarge‎ #160 O!  Id  Maquis
Really sorry to see this guy go,  He was a good player, worthy adversary... ;( :'(

Universe 2 / Vulgar display of Power‎
« on: September 09, 2015, 04:00:51 PM »
Vulgar display of Power‎:

I have removed this Post in good faith.

Fleet Admiral McMullin
Leader of
The True Pug Empire

Battle Reports / Biggest hit ever for Pug Alliance
« on: May 29, 2015, 09:48:47 PM »
To: Tympanic Membrane
Date: 2015-05-29 13:39:09 UTC
In the attack from Only to Rise ‎‎‎[xx:xxx:xx] on Large Floating Colony ‎‎‎[xx:xxx:xx]:

The attacking side acquired 22,774,066,132 ore, 27,359,074,725 crystal, and 22,873,155,984 hydrogen.

Tympanic Membrane (ATTACKER) lost 18,475,320,000 RSP and gained 191,579,222,676 DSP. (less)
* Contributed 2,550,185,810,000 RSP to the battle.
* Lost 9,237,660,000,000 ore, 7,390,128,000,000 crystal, and 1,847,532,000,000 hydrogen in damages.
* Acquired 22,774,066,132 ore, 27,359,074,725 crystal, and 22,873,155,984 hydrogen in plunder.

* Lost 1847532 of 255018581 Zeus Classes (253171049 remain).

Krug (DEFENDER) lost 651,904,200,505 RSP and gained 0 DSP. (less)
* Contributed 651,904,200,505 RSP to the battle.
* Lost 308,712,386,139,000 ore, 311,785,637,674,000 crystal, and 35,461,695,043,000 hydrogen in damages.

* Lost 2323556999 of 2323556999 Atlas Class Cargos (0 remain).
* Lost 130824705 of 130824705 Artemis Class Fighters (0 remain).
* Lost 8111036702 of 8111036702 Apollo Class Fighters (0 remain).
* Lost 2723104 of 2723104 Zagreus Class Recyclers (0 remain).
* Lost 520721 of 520721 Hercules Class Cargos (0 remain).
* Lost 515702800 of 515702800 Dionysus Class Recyclers (0 remain).
* Lost 2396751 of 2396751 Poseidon Class Cruisers (0 remain).
* Lost 704517024 of 704517024 Carmanor Class Cargos (0 remain).
* Lost 10157526 of 10157526 Athena Class Battleships (0 remain).
* Lost 72958835 of 72958835 Hades Class Battleships (0 remain).
* Lost 10811707 of 10811707 Ares Class Bombers (0 remain).
* Lost 841727625 of 841727625 Prometheus Class Destroyers (0 remain).
* Lost 16070714 of 16070714 Zeus Classes (0 remain).
* Lost 224054227 of 224054227 Missile Batteries (0 remain).
* Lost 485202048 of 485202048 Laser Cannons (0 remain).
* Lost 20741990935 of 20741990935 Particle Cannons (0 remain).
* Lost 3633217695 of 3633217695 Pulse Cannons (0 remain).
* Lost 1 of 1 Decoys (0 remain).
* Lost 1869083506 of 1869083506 Gauss Cannons (0 remain).
* Lost 1 of 1 Large Decoys (0 remain).
* Lost 24380644 of 24380644 Plasma Cannons (0 remain).

64,467,043,257,900 ore and 47,387,849,662,500 crystal are now floating at this location.

To: Tympanic Membrane
Date: 2015-05-29 13:40:36 UTC
Ore: 64,467,043,257,900, Crystal: 47,387,849,662,500

General Starfleet Discussion / BFG has completely Unbalanced the Game
« on: February 07, 2012, 08:54:46 PM »
By Allowing players to move their planets around, BFG have, perhaps unknowingly, created a situation where a predator can own a Super Heph. Not only that but they can have eight of them.
A planet with a moon (oracle, Gate and Shipyard with defenses), the planet with any number of IPBMs, monstrous defense and a huge fleet can be dropped into a system overnight and blind Ninja any player they like.
This might be fun for the top 50 players, the paying players. But, it is no fun for the rest of us.

Feature Suggestions / Warp Gate Level 2
« on: February 06, 2012, 02:47:54 PM »
I suggest, you add a feature to the Warp Gate. At level 2 you would be able to warp cargo/resources.
I don't think it would unbalance the game as most players have at least one moon. Even higher ranked players have moons. I think it would help the higher ranks gain rank by not having to wait for hours to get needed resources from other galaxies.

Feature Suggestions / D mode Players
« on: January 21, 2012, 04:20:12 PM »
This is part of a conversation with regards to D mode players.

Gene McMullin: Fly, 64% D mode, V mode or idle in the alliance.
Fly: yeah - could be a lot better but the D-mode folks generally have good reasons for staying that way...
richard gould: i don't hold it against them anymore
richard gould: but i'll say that an active community is key to enjoying the game
Fly: yes, definitely - not so much convincing Diplomacy players to change, just participate can make a big difference
richard gould: i wish the game let them join in more, they can't join attacks or be attacked but why can't they spy
Gene McMullin: or Oracle
Fly: that would be a big boost I think
richard gould: also, i think you should be able to transfer goods to them regardless of rank
richard gould: it's not like they can blackmail you if they can't attack
Gene McMullin: potential for pushing there
richard gould: dip players need a part to play
richard gould: not everyone can be a gene you know
richard gould: what you think, dippers can probe and trade in intel, make the intel a commodity
Fly: I like it
richard gould: that could be one of the special ships, a trade probe which is only used to swap intel within your buddy list
richard gould: dippers can track fleet movements and timing, we could put a band of them together (spiders) with a Master of spiders to crawl the systems
Fly: don't stop now - you're on a roll
richard gould: think of the hydro we spent over the last few days looking for a target
richard gould: the spiders could build up moons with the help of moon shots from the hunting packs, oracle scans and intel  reports could be traded for lets say 50k each och, thats a hell of a mission
richard gould: once again only the dippers could do this
Fly: only problem there is that diplomacy mode precludes being probed or attacked, so no moons possible...
Fly: unless you set new rules where only buddies can probe or attack... gads, how might that disrupt the buddy system. ;)
richard gould: moon seed ships
Fly: hmmmm... ok
richard gould: you build them when you want a moon and could dispose of them when you don't
Fly: ok - see ya - headed to Diplomacy, be out when I get my eigth moon ;)
richard gould: now the same moon rules will still apply, you will need to lose a fleet like now
Fly: so the presence of a moon seed ship would make just that planet attackable... ??
richard gould: it's a thought, i tried setting up something along these lines in the first pug, did ok but my spiders went into dip
richard gould: yes attackable
Gene McMullin: If the alliance were bigger, we could have Scanners. Their job would be to scan the Galaxies for targets and idles
richard gould: lol, we could make a cult of them, a sticky on the forum (the shadow tower) where the master of spiders could organize the spider webs
Gene McMullin: And a thread for each Galaxy they put the planet/probe data in
richard gould: motivating dippers is the issue, how would they market their intel? how would they get paid for their work
richard gould: in a one on one it would be easy but over a whole alliance?

I think there are some viable concepts here. D mode players need to stay in contact with their alliance mates. Additionally, giving them something to do while in D mode, will help maintain comm and may even help with the rebuilding of lost fleets. Given the ability to probe OR use their Oracle to aid the hunters and get some payment for it.
I think 5% or 10% of the profits of a successful hit would be appropriate.
I do not think including a probe in the attack should be allowed. As it would gain DSP for a player who is supposed to be Diplomatically immune to attack.
In real life, diplomats spy or are spyed on all the time, it is part of human nature. So, using a probe or an Oracle while in D mode is all part of the espionage game.

Matt please consider these comments and tell us what you think.

Fleet Admiral McMullin

General Starfleet Discussion / The "See More" link
« on: December 21, 2011, 10:02:26 PM »
I noticed the See More link on the Battle Report only works on page 1 of the message list???
Is that an oversight or is it a feature???

Feature Suggestions / New Ship Type
« on: April 03, 2010, 08:14:15 AM »
I have an idea for a new ship.
Because generating Hydrogen is a very slow process, I suggest a ship which gathers Hydrogen from the Ort cloud which surrounds solar systems. It would have to travel fairly fast in order to collect enough Hydrogen Molecules, say half the speed of light or faster. A loop out of the system and back might take 2 hours??
However, the Hydrogen returned would be worth the time expended and greater than the mines could deliver.

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