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General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Fun for the Number Crunchers
« on: August 18, 2011, 06:55:55 AM »
Build capital 9 and 10 then you need to tear down 3 levels of oracle replacing each with a level of capital as you do until you have capital 12. Each level of capital that you are able to add reduces the build time of LB9 by 60 hours. Capital 12 builds in  35 1/2 hours but capital 13 builds in 65 1/2. No savings for cap 13 at this time(I usually go to cap 14 on the initial run up to the warp gate, but The time savings compound because I generally dont build oracles until I have LB9 and Warpgate in place, but thats just me)

New Player Corner / Re: Energy tech???
« on: August 13, 2011, 01:56:34 AM »
I am so thankful for this thread, because even tho I have looked at the chart and understood about the efficiency gained by additional levels of energy tech, For some reason I was struggling under the misconception that all that happened with each energy tech upgrade was a Decrease in hydrogen consumption not an increase in power. I had it exactly backwards.

NPP believer.

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Unfair Unfair Unfair
« on: August 13, 2011, 01:36:52 AM »
Uh yeah whats up with that.

Bizmuth Helm

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: How many Unis do you play?
« on: August 13, 2011, 12:44:59 AM »
Uni1  current rank 1845
uni2  current rank  143
EX2  current rank  255
SD   current rank...oops, its down, last I checked 871

I am more of a miner I guess, but I still have fun. Fleetsave time is quite rigorous.

Dejavu, its uni2. Mines are a tick less. Cant say with regard to the speed, didnt look into that in time. I created an entirely new Facebook account just for this game. To be honest I am overextended as it is with o, o2, and ex2. I could be persuaded to spend a little more time there if the chick was a little hotter, but maybe that would be the straw that broke the camels back as far as my wife is concerned. I think she would sell my coords if it would get me away from the computer.

Feature Suggestions / Re: Care Packages for Alliance Mates
« on: July 21, 2011, 06:48:41 AM »
When a person loses a large fleet(one that produces a 300M DF for example) his RSP will drop 1M points. If those that were below him in RSP rank, wish to help him rebuild, they should have no trouble, because they will likely find themselves well above him in rank now.
My suggestion, from a strategic point of view is this get your donations and build a Heph first asap then collect the donations but dont build anything yet untill everyone who wishes to contribute has a chance to, then start the rebuild in earnest. By this method the RSP is suppressed while the donations come rolling in. A heph will hold 1B resources and thats enough to make a 300M DF, with the exception of hydro which probably would account for an additional 200M resources, or 200,000 RSP lost.

By my way of looking at it the charity thing is already built in.

Kip was living just 17 or so systems from my main planets, and already I miss his daily...strike that... 3 times a daily, espionage detected reports. Good luck in RL Kip. It was a pleasure dodging you...except for that one time. :oops:

At the risk of sounding harsh, it sounds like INAPPROPRIATE doesnt fully understand how the colonization process works. you can get any colony size on any colony slot good or bad or in between. The key to a good field planet is dont give up, just keep trying until you get what you want. you may get it in one, or it may take 25. even if it takes 100 its still quicker and cheaper than what must be done if you settle for a poor field count.

And just for reference here is a planet of mine with 214 fields used

  Ore Mine level 31
  Crystal Mine level 29
  Hydrogen Synthesizer level 27  
  Solar Array level 30
  Nuclear Power Plant level 16  (currently running at 80%)
  Shipyard level 15
  Capitol level 12
  Research Lab level 13
  Missile Silo level 8
  Factory level 4  
  Ore Warehouse level 9      3.5M capacity
  Crystal Warehouse level 8   2.2M capacity
  Hydrogen Storage level 8    2.2M capacity
  Foundry level 4

Ore 131,842
Crystal 62,232
Hydrogen 33,211
17,632 of 17,685
Energy Used
53 Extra Energy

And there are 16 completely expendable buildings (factory and capital) in case I wanted more foundry and mine levels.

New Player Corner / Re: A cold planet with a lot of feilds?
« on: May 28, 2011, 08:27:48 AM »
I have been working with power vs fields issues in several unis, and yes the first best solution is get a good field planet first. After that I have found that whether you build SAs or Npps, when they get to the point where they are producing significant amounts of power, the next level is quite expensive. I have noticed this however if I build a nuke level for every two array levels they both seem to offer about the same increase in power for roughly the same amount of res.(well ore and crystal any way) That is around 29 sa and 16npp both provide similar increases in power production for the same price. So you can get say 1125more power for 6.4m ore and 2.6M crystal from your sa, then get another 1317 from your nuke for another  6.0m ore and 2.4M crystal (and dont forget 1.2M hydro. The hydro expense is always a factor to consider), rather than simply buying another level of sa and getting 1269 more power, but paying 9.5M ore and 3.8M crystal. This way you can just switch back and forth and you get two or three similar increases for similar prices, rather than taking that big resource hit on each and every power increase you buy, when you only use a single power supply type. Back to the hydro side of it energy tech levels increase efficiency the power output stays the same it just takes less hydro with each level of energy tech. keep in mind a single hydro level will generally increase production more than all the hydro your npps use at 100% so there is an easy out to the hydro aspect, and when you have a surplus of ore you can start dialing back the npp and enjoy the added output of that extra hydro level.

I am sure someone will have issue with some aspects of this and thats ok its all just food for thought.

I give up. Yes I have fs'd the zeuses separately. It is the only way, and not particularly imaginative. Any further interaction on my part is pointless. As is the great hotdog debate. You know where hotdog weiners come 10 to a package and hotdog buns come 8 to a package, and you complain that no matter what you do you always waste one or the other. The bun makers say "I have never seen a weiner go to waste so long as you buy more buns, and the weiner makers say "Use your imagination, fix beans and weiners." which suggestion always meets with rousing approval from the Bean lobby.

Feature Suggestions / Re: Player Panel Question: New Ships
« on: May 28, 2011, 06:29:21 AM »
Yeah my first thought was the self destruct as a command feature, but I presented it as a ship so it would properly fit into this thread.

Feature Suggestions / Re: Player Panel Question: New Ships
« on: May 28, 2011, 06:11:02 AM »
How about a ship that could be added to a fleet that has a self destruct feature so you can just go ahead and blow up the rest of the stragglers that survived that attack or moonshot, so you dont have to wait for it to return in order to get that fleet slot open. Maybe it could have a 30 second count-down like in the movies. No starfleet commander should be required to function without access to a self destruct button.( a big red one) Perhaps it could be used to blow up all the ships in orbit with it to produce a self moon shot. Just in case I was unclear as to how it would function, 1) when it blows so do all the ships in the fleet with it. 2) It is completely invulnerable to attack so it is always the last ship left, so you always have access to the self destruct feature. 3) if it is the sole survivor it automatically self destructs. 4)it is cheap so it has no dsp value. Thats it short and sweet.

Yeah those times were not the actual times from the game, (I already had sent all my fleetsaves out so I didnt have ships on any planets to punch up actual travel times, and my memory is just one of the things that has grown shorter over the years) But merely "Examples" of travel times that might exist in order to illustrate a point. Long fleetsaves are not a problem. All I was pointing out was what happens from 20% to 10% where travel times simply double. so my example should have looked like this:

I see however that this actually becomes a significant balance issue. A person with a huge fleet that absolutely must have an 18 hour fleetsave(for example only so I can illustrate the specific effect of the 10%-20% increment) must use the 20% speed then pick a destination solar system far enough away to add 3h 16m to the one way time of 5h 44m . This would involve a significant hydrogen expense that a small fleet would not experience.(typical in extreme where 20% = 11h 29m total roundtrip time, and 10% = 22h 58m for Dios with jet 15)

My problem with the zeus is this It is impossible to fleetsave it for 4 hours in extreme, 3h 37m yes, 5h 4m sure, but that hour and a half window screws you

I am afraid I have to side with Inappropriate on this one but only to a degree. I would like to see smaller increments only from 30% on down, for the simple fact that when, for example, 20% = 7hours then 10% = 14hour, as opposed to when 100% =1h 24min then 90% = 1h 33min.

I see however that this actually becomes a significant balance issue. A person with a huge fleet that absolutely must have a 24 hour fleetsave(for example only so I can illustrate the specific effect of the 10%-20% increment) must use the 20% speed then pick a destination system far enough away to add 5 hours to the one way time of 7 hours. This would involve a significant hydrogen expense that a small fleet would not experience.

With the smaller increments he could dial in say 12%, (actually I think its like 11 2/3% so someone would probably start a thread suggesting speed in decimal equivalent to 3 significant figures) and only need to travel one system over instead of 30 or 40 or whatever.

There is no denying the fact that your fleetsave options with a zeus jump from ~7 hours total to ~10 hours total with no option for anything in between... Actually an option does exist tho it isnt automatic. It involves logging in on your phone, or however you can get on, and recalling at the midpoint. If you can use this option you can REALLY save on hydro. Just go at 10% speed, next planet over and recall at halfway through your desired time. Just let them try to blind O you then.

I have a question still with regard to the free move. Will it involve traveling over a "normal" period of time as with a fleet move, or will it be, "pick your desired new planet location, and click, SNAP, there you are instantaneously."

I invision it taking two weeks for the planets to stop bouncing, like cosmic musical chairs.

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