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Doubtless these have been asked for before but in case they weren't:

WARP Gates:  can we get warp gates changed ?  Some suggested ways: (a) If you increase the level from 1 to 2 (or more) then that is the # of times that gate can be used in an hour.   (b) reduce the regen time  (ie level 1 = 60 minutes, 2 = 10% less (ie 54 mins)  3= 48 mins......doesn't have to be a 10% reduction....could be 25% or 50%.

Vacation Mode:  tons of players just sit in v mode.    Perhaps it can be limited to a certain number of vacation days per calendar year (say 60 or so)....once your 60 days are used up, you can't enter (v) mode until the next year (or perhaps buy more (v) days at the store).

thanks for considering these requests.

Feature Suggestions / Ability to move from one uni to another
« on: July 21, 2012, 07:56:11 PM »
Just as we can purchase credits to move a planet from one location to another.....

Perhaps BFG could come up with a way to a whole player, planets, moons, ships and all, for a price, from one universe to another?

Some rules would be you can't already be in the universe you want to move to.

Make it very expensive ($100 or more).    I think you'd find people would go for it.

Failing that, how about consolidating SFCX-O and SFCX-2 into one universe?   If someone has an account in both, they have to pick only one and let the other go.   Any credits from the uni being let go could be assigned to the new, single, account the person has.

Time for a shake up BFG.   Things are getting stale.

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