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Extreme Universe / Re: Big Battle And DF TTT VS Woods
« on: August 18, 2015, 10:51:34 AM »
Deluded?   A guy who doesn't know what embellish means or how to spell it has been accepted into Cal-Tech with MIT hounding him to come to them for his PhD.    hahahhahahahhahahhahahhahhaa

You've been watching too much Big Bang Theory.

Extreme Universe / Re: Big Battle And DF TTT VS Woods
« on: August 16, 2015, 12:43:28 PM »
Think on this (I know it's hard, but try)...

A great military strategist (if he was terminally ill and about to leave this mortal plain) would have realised that he should have planned for the continuation of his alliance and made sure it continued after he kacked. 

Look at what is left........THAT is his legacy.

Extreme Universe / Re: Big Battle And DF TTT VS Woods
« on: August 16, 2015, 12:38:41 PM »
You should join the army.  They're always in need of jar-head cannon fodder.  Then you can see your grandfather that much sooner!  Waste of skin, both of you. 

I find it interesting you mention telkar's military expertise when he bought/assumed some of the most powerful accounts in the game, sucked them dry to prop his original account up, used them to beat on accounts 300+ lower in rank than his,  repeatedly, in a gang (no bullying sir!), and then lost all of them at exactly the same time leaving only a nutless 19 yr old who's too stupid to realise college is his only hope at gaining a modicum of intelligence.  Only greatness is in his festering mind (and his straight line family tree members).   

Only way out I see for you is to remain in (p) until we get tired of this game and leave it (or it shuts down). Perhaps you can take over some of the other large accounts (Raven/Keen/Jabb) when they decide to leave? ...and then follow in granpa's footsteps and demonstrate your superior military intelligence and lose them as well.

Cab have no idea.  Probably something you could aspire to though.

Extreme Universe / Re: Big Battle And DF TTT VS Woods
« on: August 15, 2015, 12:51:27 PM »
Had to lookup what embellish means AND how to spell it.   You really are ignorant.

As for probe riding .vs. sending res.   Probe riding gives a person undeserved virtual rank (ie they aren't as strong as their rank signifies....look up the definition of "Paper Tiger") whereas giving someone res to build ships/stuff gives them actual rank because you have the defences, ships, etc to back that rank up.

Extreme Universe / Re: Big Battle And DF TTT VS Woods
« on: August 09, 2015, 02:39:35 AM »
I've asked Matt H. for a decision on this and when he responds I'll act accordingly.   I don't think it's extortion but I'll go with what Matt says.  If it turns out it is classed extortion then I'll rescind my direction to our alliance and inform the latest ANH leader of this.   Haven't heard from Matt so far.  Have received a lot of hate mail from ANH and TELK players though.  Childish yapping as ever.  I'd hoped with the exit of Telkar from this uni that we'd have a more mature group to deal with.  Guess not.

Extreme Universe / Re: Big Battle And DF TTT VS Woods
« on: August 08, 2015, 08:54:23 PM »
Just got an interesting note from Ender Wiggin:   

To: StoneAxe
Date: 2015-08-08 20:35:45 UTC
It is ufortunate that YOU continue to lie and bear false witness against Telkar and others of us. I just read the forum,
Among your lies is that any in our group used profanities or obscenities to you or your group.
Unpleasant yes, you DESERVE that, profanities no way. None of us use that in our private lives, certainly not in a game.
I will tell you what Telkar advised me to say....
We will allow God to judge between me and thee, at his thrown.
and what you are doing to ANH IS extortion by the rules definition of BFG.
Enjoy your coming suspension, and you are now blocked by me.

I find it nice that they have honoured Telkar by creating a spin off alliance called TELK....but I find it a bit macabre that the alliances saying is "Rest In Peace".   From all the communications I've gotten, Telkar's still alive, just very very sick.

As for the god stuff above:   one good thing you can say about being religious......when you die, you're never disappointed.   If heaven were proven right.  If it doesn't, you won't know.

Extreme Universe / Re: Big Battle And DF TTT VS Woods
« on: August 08, 2015, 06:40:00 PM »
what's he saying that you are interpreting as "extortion"?

Extreme Universe / Re: Big Battle And DF TTT VS Woods
« on: August 08, 2015, 04:08:19 PM »
Hi username 1,  thanks for the advice.   I'll confirm with BFG and act accordingly.  Wouldn't want to break any rules.

Extreme Universe / Re: Big Battle And DF TTT VS Woods
« on: August 08, 2015, 01:59:56 PM »
I guess I should have researched the individual ranks of the remaining ANH players before posting the above note.  All of you players are sub-150 except one.   As such, we (DBD) don't need to rescind out +150 rule to effect the pressure I wrote of above.

As such, I've started pounding your players planets and will continue to do so until you release the WOODS account.

Extreme Universe / Re: Big Battle And DF TTT VS Woods
« on: August 08, 2015, 01:37:52 PM »
Well that's most unfortunate that you are willing to retain a corpse of an account simply to put up the fašade that ANH is ranked #2 when you are really ranked #10.

DBD have two founding principles:
(1) No Probe Riding (take or give).  We did this because we believe rank should be truly earned.
(2) We do not attack players whose rank is more than +150 of our own (hephs excluded).

I have asked our membership to vote on rescinding the +150 rule for ANH players only while the WOODS account is still associated with ANH.   The WOODS account should not be associated to any alliance and left to go (i) and disappear naturally.

If our membership concurs with me,  this means that we (DBD) will be targeting all ANH players (regardless of rank) and will destroy not just ships that we find but we will pummel your defences and take as much plunder as possible.   We can guarantee that you will not increase in rank at all.  You can sit there feeling all proud at being #2 if you like, but you guys, personally, will not progress any further and eventually UFP will surpass you.

Once your release the WOODS account, this type of action will cease.

I challenge you Darth to show honour and be proud of who you truly are, not a dishonourable paper tiger with no teeth. Release the Woods account and be true to yourselves.

Extreme Universe / Re: Big Battle And DF TTT VS Woods
« on: August 07, 2015, 08:46:51 PM »
I congratulate you Darth Sparkus on your assumption of ANH's leadership and I look forward to our future interactions. I hope you, and the remaining ANH players, are more civil, courageous and engaging than Telkar and his crew were. They were cowards and bullies.

I always say "don't judge someone unless you've walked a mile in their shoes".  You were not at the receiving end of the vile spew of obscenities that Telkar and his crew PM'd to me and many members of alliances I was in.  Their messages were so puerile that I was forced to block their PM's.  Similarly, you were not present when Woods was saying he supported us when he was a member of PIRATES while at the same time he was actively feeding information and resources to players we were at war with; effectively trying to undermine PIRATES.

I assess a persons character via their actions and to me, this whole group were vermin with Woods proving he was untrustworthy as well.  All the remaining ANH players who didn't rage quit are not, in my view, vermin and I hope they will play this game vigorously.

FYI: TTT not only nailed Woods Heph and Zeus fleets (effectively destroying him),  he also nailed all of Telkar's, JC's and several other ANH vermin accounts at exactly the same time.   There were rumours that all those accounts were being controlled by one person and it is an unbelievable coincidence that all these "suspect" accounts went dark at exactly the same time (thus allowing TTT to perform his magic) and that all these accounts all went (v) at exactly the same time.  Too much of a coincidence for my taste.  Whether it was due to an IP provider outage (in Minnesota AND Utah at the same time?) or perhaps it was associated to Telkars RL troubles I don't know.   Whatever it was, it confirmed, for me, that there was something untoward happening with these accounts and it looks good on them that they were all destroyed at exactly the same time.

A couple of final things:
- with WOODS and the Telkar/JC crew accounts removed from the game,  ANH's true alliance rank drops from 2nd (with 2.954Q points) to somewhere between 8 and 10th (having only 0.006Q points).  I personally have 6x more points than all ANH players combined!
-it appears WOODS account is now out of (v) mode.  Given the decimation Woods incurred and that his fleet rank has dropped to #516, I have to wonder if his account is being kept alive simply to give ANH 2.68Q points in order to retain it's 2nd place rank ?   A twisted version of probe riding in order retain unwarranted rank.

Extreme Universe / Re: Big Battle And DF TTT VS Woods
« on: August 04, 2015, 12:27:07 AM »
Woods gave up, Telkar (or JC) took over his account and then Telkar/JC stayed offline a wee bit too long (IP outage or some other reason).  Outcome was the same nonetheless.  Woods fleet ranking is now #513 and he's in (v) mode.  Telkar/JC and a host of other ANH accounts all got wiped out by TTT and they all dropped to rankings of 450 or lower and they all went (v) at the same time too.  If that's not evidence of multi-accounting then it sure is an example of amazing coincidence.  ANH is so decimated that the fleet points for their whole alliance is but 1/15 th of my personal fleet.    I say good riddance to these vermin.  Woods was untrustworthy;  Telkar and crew were foul mouthed cheaters.  The game is better without them.     

Extreme Universe / Re: TTT vs Woods Round 2
« on: May 29, 2015, 09:58:10 PM »
The silence is deafening.

Extreme Universe / Turn-around....gotta love it.
« on: May 20, 2015, 12:19:01 AM »
Seems the guy who didn't care about ruining the rank system by giving probe rides is now begging for them himself cuz he can't gain in rank by himself.      Seems having a WOODy for TTT is just not enough.

hahahahahahahaha........couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

I like the merge uni idea......perhaps with a few twists.

(1) Allow a player to move to the MERGE uni and place their original uni game in (M) mode (similar to (V)) and give them 30 days to decide if they want to stay in the MEGE uni or not.  If they decide not to, their MERGE uni account is removed and the (M) taken off their original uni account.

(2) BFG should set up a survey of all players to get feedback on what features should/should not be in the the MERGE uni.

(3) There would need to be different conversion factors for each uni coming in for ships and other game features.

(4) If a player plays in multiple uni's, he can combine his uni fleets, etc, in MERGE only after he has agreed to stay in the MERGE uni.  Any additional uni inclusions are done immediately (original shutdown immediately).  All uni additions to MERGE uni from other uni's can only be done within 7 days of agreeing to stay in MERGE (thereby stopping players from playing in multiple uni's again and then using this parallel uni method of increasing in rank unfairly).

There's a whole bunch of other ideas I have but I think it's time that BFG started really thinking of merging uni's and shutting some down.

They could always used the procrustian method......set up MERGE and tell players in various uni's....this uni is closing down on <date>....move it or lose it.

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