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Bug Reports / Re: P Mode Bug?
« on: May 22, 2015, 02:24:58 PM »
Why did another account log into a players account with same IP? the players concerned live 1000s of miles away from each???
Especially when the owner has never gave out his password at anytime???

Sorry Matt but you need to address our concerns over this not fob us off with no hacks etc

Bug Reports / Re: P Mode Bug?
« on: May 21, 2015, 11:04:52 AM »
Okay, I didn't believe this thing at all. But, it just happened again. I post to tell everyone to just get old fashioned and FRS.

Last night I checked my pmode and made sure I had enough. I double check it more than once because I have forgotten to FRS and sometimes when you click the button, the connection doesn't happen. If you don't double check and a connection timed out, then your pmode will not get set. So, you look at a couple home pages and see what the timer says.

Well, I went to bed and guess what I see this morning. I would not trust pmode at all!

So suddenly 3 accounts from the same alliance get hit by AA while they were all suppose to be in P Mode still!!!!!!!!!

Sorry but someone in AA is cheating and using a hack to break this.

There has been rumours going round for a few years about a certain person using this and it seems they are doing it again!!!!!

BFG need to stop all this crap and block all these holes

Eradeon Extreme Universe / Re: What Transpired?
« on: May 17, 2015, 05:55:40 PM »
I disagree WE are the best alliance!!!!

Dreaming again Eager Beaver?  ;D

Eradeon Extreme Universe / Re: ByeBye Bully
« on: April 28, 2015, 02:44:59 PM »
Mama please don't leave because of some immature players     Quite honestly the comments I have read and some of the stuff I have heard are quite disturbing and classless coming from grown ass adults.   This is a freaking game after all and everyone should be able to enjoy it without the petty bull crap going on.   There are good people here that don't deserve the treatment they are getting.   

Thanks hun

I left AA to get away from the rants and drama, for a long time we were doing good in just playing and not getting into drama.
But then sadly one of ours started stirring then decided to start his crap with me, he did the same thing in x2, normally I would just tell them where to go forth and multiply but as you know im still trying to recover from surgery with more to come.
I do not have the energy for the game right now and have had to use p too much hence the reason im trying to pass it on.

Maybe I should take a break and then check out how I feel in a few weeks but right now im just peeved with all the 2 faced bitching.
Everyone should concentrate on their own game and use the forums for banter instead of all this bashing in game or skype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eradeon Extreme Universe / Re: ByeBye Bully
« on: April 28, 2015, 02:08:20 PM »
I had a very specific point in mind, and should not have been so subtle. No fleets are shown in the BR here. I know some players like to be coy about their fleet makeup, but the reason for battle reports is partly to TEACH, not just to GLOAT. For example, we could have some actual evidence as to whether The Bully's arts are effective, or whether he's living in the past.

As for congrats, sure, you caught him napping, that's fine. The makeup of your attack team speaks volumes. I do not offer congrats on that. And you know why.

Now this is where I do break my silence.
Our friends are our own concern, but since you have raised it I will also raise the point about some AA players that have recently joined you.
Do you need me to remind you what you said about a few of them as did others
No wonder I am leaving the game and handing my account on when there is so much 2 faced bitching coming from AA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Eradeon Extreme Universe / Re: Battle Reports
« on: April 13, 2015, 02:56:28 PM »
Nice team work within Frozen   :D

To: Mama
Date: 2015-04-13 13:38:40 UTC
In the attack from AA-1 Jack's Eyes ‎‎‎[1:64:9m] on Ooooooo ‎‎‎[1:50:11m]:

The attacking side acquired 0 resources.
The attacking side did not acquire any Eradeon.

R.E.D 797 (ATTACKER) lost 28,250 RSP and gained 6,355 DSP. (less)

* Contributed 28,250 RSP to the battle.

* Lost 19,500,000 ore, 8,000,000 crystal, and 750,000 hydrogen in damages.

* Acquired 0 ore, 0 crystal, and 0 hydrogen in plunder.

* Lost 400 of 400 Athena Class Battleships (0 remain).
* Lost 50 of 50 Hades Class Battleships (0 remain).

Black Bear (ATTACKER) lost 103,225 RSP and gained 23,222 DSP. (less)

* Contributed 103,225 RSP to the battle.

* Lost 62,805,000 ore, 33,925,000 crystal, and 6,495,000 hydrogen in damages.

* Acquired 0 ore, 0 crystal, and 0 hydrogen in plunder.

* Lost 1107 of 1107 Athena Class Battleships (0 remain).
* Lost 433 of 433 Hades Class Battleships (0 remain).

Mama (DEFENDER) lost 21,317 RSP and gained 112,043 DSP. (less)

* Contributed 185,163 RSP to the battle.

* Lost 13,640,000 ore, 6,196,000 crystal, and 1,481,000 hydrogen in damages.

* Lost 358 of 852 Poseidon Class Cruisers ( 494 remain).
* Lost 110 of 1140 Athena Class Battleships (1030 remain).
* Lost 51 of 1083 Hades Class Battleships (1032 remain).

lugo (DEFENDER) lost 8,261 RSP and gained 19,431 DSP. (less)

* Contributed 32,112 RSP to the battle.

* Lost 5,831,000 ore, 2,099,000 crystal, and 331,000 hydrogen in damages.

* Lost 32 of 39 Hermes Class Probes ( 7 remain).
* Lost 2 of 2 Atlas Class Cargos ( 0 remain).
* Lost 1 of 1 Zagreus Class Recyclers ( 0 remain).
* Lost 7 of 10 Dionysus Class Recyclers ( 3 remain).
* Lost 158 of 284 Poseidon Class Cruisers (126 remain).
* Lost 4 of 10 Carmanor Class Cargos ( 6 remain).
* Lost 56 of 388 Athena Class Battleships (332 remain).

30,532,800 ore and 15,066,000 crystal are now floating at this location.

So suddenly Andy cant post for himself again???

Yes we all get peeved at people abandoning planets but we dont come to the forums crying about it

Eradeon Extreme Universe / Re: SMH
« on: March 29, 2015, 09:10:31 AM »
You don`t need to send a war declaration to have a war lol

Eradeon Extreme Universe / Re: WHATS WRONG WITH GAME?
« on: March 25, 2015, 08:55:29 PM »

Sam, do me a favour and tell that idiot up there that I don't play conquest and never played eradeon 1.

Did not play E1????? Guess you have forgotten about taking over Guzz`s account then passing it on to Jacob after you destroyed her account  ;D

Eradeon Extreme Universe / Re: WHATS WRONG WITH GAME?
« on: March 25, 2015, 05:23:06 PM »
Perhaps you are the type of person who puts an 's' at the end of 'you' to make it plural?

'yous' lol  8)

Why would I need to make your plural ??? :o

Unless your suggesting you have 2 backsides then perharps I should  ;D

Eradeon Extreme Universe / Re: WHATS WRONG WITH GAME?
« on: March 25, 2015, 12:40:48 AM »
Mama, the existential reality of cause and effect is under no obligation to correspond with your warped way of looking at things. You hit someone's missile batteries, you got nuked = cause and effect

right or wrong does not come into it and is subjective anyway. If you think pointing that out is trolling, then I think you need to take your meds.

Clearly this shows how much you understand  ::)

Yes I hit MBs but I was not nuked, we are talking about people being nuked out of the game but accounts not playing at all, they just nuke.

Suggest you look at your own meds before talking through your backside

Eradeon Extreme Universe / Re: WHATS WRONG WITH GAME?
« on: March 24, 2015, 08:25:23 AM »
I don't know, perhaps it is simply that this game attracts a certain breed of people. Seems to be a warped subjective rationale in the air wherever you look and players throwing their toys out of the pram when either they don't get their own way or the nature of cause and effect turns its head in their direction.

This game would certainly make for an interesting sociology investigation

My advice to everyone concerned here is GROW UP. The world does it revolve around any particular one person's world view. We live in a multiverse of colliding world views and others see things from THIER point of view, not yours. If you cannot wrap your head around this then that is your own problem. You will always be frustrated.

OMG how much trolling do you need to do
You are commenting on nearly every thread  ;D

Eradeon Extreme Universe / Re: WHATS WRONG WITH GAME?
« on: March 24, 2015, 12:33:52 AM »
Come on, Mama? lol Both nuking and hitting missiles for quests is lame, but here you are suggesting the lame one you don't like be altered because it doesn't suit you. You hit someone's MBs and you get nuked, it is bs, I know, but it is a response - one which would not have occurred had you not played the lame quest game yourself. Cant have it only how it suits you.

Dont give a rats backside what you think

I do believe BFG need to address the nuking policy when they are certain accounts just wanting to nuke any player and not play the actual game. So far there have been a few quitting over it.
As Deeds pointed out the cost of nukes to the actual tag your it quest is poor so they cant claim its for the rewards while hitting MBs just now brings in just over 3 million in resources for some players right now.

So Grace you go work out the maths on that one

Eradeon Extreme Universe / Re: WHATS WRONG WITH GAME?
« on: March 21, 2015, 03:17:29 PM »
War Ogre we are not talking about nuking although there are quests for that too and ironically enough Mama took great pains to threaten a whole alliance if they so dare to nuke anyone in his/her alliance.  The issue here is the quest is for increasing amount of resources for increasing numbers of missile bats destroyed in battle.  The quest in question is the attack does not have to be profitable for the attacker.  0 resources and 0 dap will satisfy this quest. So in other words it directly goes against one of BFG's own rules. It is sad when top players are on the hunt for missile bats and not ships and resources. 

Yes I did ask N_G to stop but they refused - they said they were only playing to nuke players defences now Tem 20 has also said he will nuke full time till he quits.

So if your looking for anyone to blame. blame the 2 in YOUR ALLIANCE as they have already drove a few players out of the game earlier this week with all the nuking they are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BFG need to change the nuking policy back to nuke only if you attack.

Eradeon Extreme Universe / Re: WHATS WRONG WITH GAME?
« on: March 21, 2015, 02:35:41 AM »
 I also find it amusing that you were not the person we attacked, and yet decided to bring it to the forums a few hours after being told that you could not join our alliance as we have closed all recruitment.  :o :o  :D

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