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Account up for sale
« on: February 03, 2011, 04:10:47 AM »
I’ve been contemplating quitting x1 for sometime now as I’m not very active anymore and I am now in x2 and prefer not to use up all my free time playing both games. I am willing to sell the account if I receive a decent offer (pm an offer if interested).

Overall Rank #71
RS Rank #124
Fleet Rank #20
Research Rank #734
Defense Rank #1,510
Crew Rank #3,264
DS Rank #77

There are 3 moons all with warpgates, 2 with oracle 5 and 1 with oracle 4.
There is also a Geo active till March 13th and 48,464 credits on the account.
I will be placing the account in (v) once my Heph lands in its new location.
Mine, ship, and tech info are in the pictures.
There are 2 f4's, 1 f3, and the rest are f2.

It's been fun, see ya in x2. =)

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