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Author Topic: The Return of the King (Thall shall not sue!)  (Read 774 times)

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The Return of the King (Thall shall not sue!)
« on: August 07, 2011, 09:35:38 AM »
It was a time of civil unrest among the lands.  The epic warrior, ODiBicus, had fallen in battle.  His lands, torn asunder, broken into several smaller kingdoms, skirmishes among the once great and civil kingdoms seemed imminent.  Hope had been dashed, the outlook seemed bleak, when a mighty warrior from the past returned to reclaim his kingdom.  The peasants declared him the savior, and chanted his name, one word.  ZUE.  The Zue had returned, leading his faithful army.

- Lady Ruthless, warrior princess, destined, one day, to be Queen.
"Bring me my puppy!"

- Lord Darkset, Captain of the King's Guard, the most feared warrior in all the lands.
"Prepare to die."

- Lord Hooch, scholar, mighty warrior, and Ambassador of the King.
"Ambassador, asshole, same thing."

- Prince Ian, Knight and Future King.
"Future King?  That's BULLSHIT!!!"

- Princess Vnae, Cook, and master tactician... somehow.  I don't know.
"Battle plans... and pie, anyone?"

- Iconoclast of Top Gun, Court Jester and faithful servant of the King.
"Heebledee goobledee gaggledee goo!"

- The King's Guard: Sir Data, Sir Scrotus, Sir Techno, Sir Daniel of James, and Sir Star of Dust, Commanders of the Grand Army.
"We are the Knights that go 'Ney' so you can't sue."

- Attendant Ty: warrior, guard, and personal aide to Lady Ruthless.
"Yes Lady Ruthless."

- Doc Golfin, Court Physician
"Bend over and cough.  Tell me, does this hurt?"
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Re: The Return of the King (Thall shall not sue!)
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2011, 12:10:20 AM »
Welcome back AZ.

I have declared war on you !  :twisted:
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