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Author Topic: End of AA in Extreme Universe 2  (Read 11146 times)

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End of AA in Extreme Universe 2
« on: September 03, 2012, 02:39:52 AM »
Within the next 48 hours, the alliance known as Ale Ale (AA) will be disbanded. Today we lost a few of our veterans due directly to the changes made by BFG to NPCs. AA has always been a hunting alliance. Since hunting is no longer a requirement to play X2, we see no reason to continue our existence. Our leader Andrea Nard started AA when the universe first began. Our success in X1 quickly transferred to X2 with players such as Kip Shiller, Pilot Pirx, Klippa, Angel Blue, Shiva the Destroyer, Sean Sti and Mama quickly climbing the ranks as they did in X1. With the additions of new faces Dread, Kimberly, Admiral Webb, Crazy Horse, Jedi C among others.... we continued our tradition of seeking out new civilizations, and destroying them.

We have had some epic battles with xXx, T&A and SAM. We made friends, and made more enemies. In the end though, we had fun playing together as an alliance in a game we loved. Hunting is in our heart, and continues to be. This is why we are leaving X2 for another game.

Good luck to anyone who is still playing. And as to mark our adieu, I want to post this battle report from Klippa made today against a LIVE PLAYER, NOT AN NPC just before he sold his account, ranked #1 overall. Apologies to BFG since this is in the wrong section.

Klippa led an attack on Capt Bp at Bastard's Moon ‎‎‎[x:xx:xx].
The following emerged from battle after 5 Round(s)

*****Attacker: Klippa with 28,067,396,000 RSP involved (initial fleet RSP) *****
Hermes : 196019 (Lost: 43981 of 240000)
Artemis : 869363 (Lost: 190825 of 1060188)
Atlas : 27499 (Lost: 6066 of 33565)
Apollo : 230330 (Lost: 45084 of 275414)
Charon : 40 (Lost: 6 of 46)
Hercules : 21352 (Lost: 3488 of 24840)
Poseidon : 66130 (Lost: 4669 of 70799)
Athena : 98046 (Lost: 776 of 98822)
Ares : 1847 (Lost: 8 of 1855)
Hades : 93145 (Lost: 588 of 93733)
Prometheus : 37440 (Lost: 129 of 37569)
** Resources lost: 1,030,143,000 ore, 455,093,000 crystal, and 20,219,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 12,476,216

*****Defender: Capt Bp with 12,476,216,500 RSP involved (initial fleet RSP) *****
Hermes : 0 (Lost: 460 of 460)
Artemis : 0 (Lost: 5387 of 5387)
Atlas : 0 (Lost: 3000 of 3000)
Apollo : 0 (Lost: 2411 of 2411)
Zagreus : 0 (Lost: 825 of 825)
Hercules : 0 (Lost: 40 of 40)
Dionysus : 0 (Lost: 99100 of 99100)
Poseidon : 0 (Lost: 5357 of 5357)
Carmanor : 0 (Lost: 8407 of 8407)
Gaia : 0 (Lost: 1 of 1)
Athena : 0 (Lost: 22160 of 22160)
Ares : 0 (Lost: 18183 of 18183)
Hades : 0 (Lost: 37337 of 37337)
Prometheus : 0 (Lost: 30898 of 30898)
Zeus : 0 (Lost: 17 of 17)
Missile : 0 (Lost: 4 of 4)
Laser : 0 (Lost: 5 of 5)
Pulse : 0 (Lost: 1 of 1)
** Ship Resources lost: 6,255,808,000 ore, 4,697,389,500 crystal, and 1,523,019,000 hydrogen.
** Total Resources lost: 6,255,829,500 ore, 4,697,394,000 crystal, and 1,523,019,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 1,505,455

After 5 rounds of combat: The attacking side acquired 503,768,410 ore, 503,768,409 crystal, and 75,898,581 hydrogen.
Capt Bp (DEFENDER) lost 12,475,037 RSP and gained 1,482,913 DSP.
(more) Klippa (ATTACKER) lost 1,482,913 RSP and gained 12,475,011 DSP.
(more) Some of the enemy's defenses were rebuilt.
2,185,785,300 ore and 1,545,759,750 crystal are now floating at this location.

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Re: End of AA in Extreme Universe 2
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2012, 02:59:23 AM »
No tears shall be shed on my part...

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Re: End of AA in Extreme Universe 2
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2012, 03:02:34 AM »
No tears shall be shed on my part...
That is as it should be.

Goodnight, X2. I'll miss some of my enemies (you know who you are) but I'll see you my friends in Skype and other games.

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Re: End of AA in Extreme Universe 2
« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2012, 03:17:04 AM »
Well, though I didn't particularly like any of you, it's a shame to see a great alliance disband.

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Re: End of AA in Extreme Universe 2
« Reply #4 on: September 03, 2012, 04:30:31 AM »
I've had a few messages asking if I wanted to join their alliance now that AA has disbanded.

Let me clarify something. We are not only disbanding, but we are quitting the game entirely.

There are a few who still want to join, and they will be joining out sister alliance TCO.


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Re: End of AA in Extreme Universe 2
« Reply #5 on: September 03, 2012, 04:59:53 AM »
Believe it or not, I will miss you guys. I started out liking Andy and AA in general because you were originally underdogs who climbed to the top through fair play and ethics, not the crap that some of the Empire players were notorious for. Always had respect for you up to the point I quit and left the message board.

When I came back a few months ago, I felt most of you (most of the ones on the forum here) had outgrown that "good guy" persona and adopted the a-hole "we rule this place" persona. Just being honest... Anyway, I've come back full circle to like and respect you guys/gals. I don't know what was going on a few months ago...maybe you were all having hormonal issues or something. I'll chalk it up to maybe me misunderstanding a bit, maybe other factors too. But I think you are all alright, and will miss you guys/gals.

Matt is probably happy, but it's a big loss to the forums and to BFG. I don't see who might fill your shoes in holding BFG's feet to the fire when the screw up. But I'm not long for this place either so another person who shares their honest opinion about the game and where it is going will be lost. Pretty soon, all that's left will be blue people singing la-la-la-la-LA as they go about farming their smurf-berries here. Matt will be happy because there will be nothing but two people singing happy tunes.
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Re: End of AA in Extreme Universe 2
« Reply #6 on: September 03, 2012, 05:14:54 AM »
Farewell Hamsters! Won't be the same without you guys.
And good final hit one one of our boys. :p

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Re: End of AA in Extreme Universe 2
« Reply #7 on: September 03, 2012, 05:29:40 AM »

From a soldier, who rebelled,
against the alliances of today,
My thanks, be to you,
I know not what else to say.

Since the words I do not have,
to give the tribute that is due,
So a simple heartfelt thanks,
sincerely I give to you.

Thanks to your Ale Ale heroes,
whose devotion is second to none,
Whose courage and braveness alone
caused many battles to be won.

You have beaten the forces of evil
and carried your flag far and wide,
Because of your AA Warriors,
our hearts are filled with pride,

Only because of you and the price
you willingly did pay,
Only because of you,
your flag still flies today!
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Re: End of AA in Extreme Universe 2
« Reply #8 on: September 03, 2012, 06:23:27 AM »

Your Alliance was always been one that was feared, and that I kept my fleet away from at the beginning of the game, then as the game grew, we became friends..

We have done many battles together, some real epic ones.

Because of the friendships I joined AA in other universes. I learnt a lot about the game from you guys.

Many people have been saying "if you do not like what BFG have done, then Quit". well, I guess that is what is happening.

Thank you AA, especially Andy, for the help and support you have given me for the past year, and good luck in what ever you decide to play in the future, I'm sure you do not need it.

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Re: End of AA in Extreme Universe 2
« Reply #9 on: September 03, 2012, 06:23:57 AM »
WooooooooooooHooooooooooo let the hate Mail begin.

[Removed personal insult - Matt H] What a great formal protest this is turning into HAHAHAHAHAHAHA funny i think there is like 1 or maybe 2 members off the AA that i respect and they are not quitting. I say thank YOU for quitting at lest i wont have to log on to the forum and see another Battle report where there is a AA battle report where the better part of the Alliance are joining in on a attack with Probes what a joke! Half you dsp and i reckon that is what your true DSP rank will look like!!

I could just carry on typing here but i have NPC's to smash lol see you never lol 
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Re: End of AA in Extreme Universe 2
« Reply #10 on: September 03, 2012, 09:06:01 AM »
I will also be retiring no real pooint in playing


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Re: End of AA in Extreme Universe 2
« Reply #11 on: September 03, 2012, 10:28:11 AM »
Good luck guys / girls!

Had some fun times with some of you - and some not so fun times with the other part - but overall - you made good targets and competitors :)


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Re: End of AA in Extreme Universe 2
« Reply #12 on: September 03, 2012, 12:10:23 PM »
yes, and now through the choices here because BFG would not keel over to AA, aa will be further 'screwing' things up by selling accounts, thus meaning people can buy to where they could  not achieve, meaning they can now attack things/people they could nopt before...

to be fair, sad to see players go, but perhaps these uni's will better off without you, because they sure as hell are not getting better with you

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Re: End of AA in Extreme Universe 2
« Reply #13 on: September 03, 2012, 02:29:27 PM »
Wow....why all the hate towards AA?  I play extreme, and have run across a few of them.  Everyone I happened to chat with seemed like a decent sort of person, so maybe it is different in X2?  Got me.  However, back to topic.  I respect their decision tremendously.  Soon, if the huge NPC's arrive in X, I may have to face the same decision.  Will I have the balls to pack it in?  Not sure.  I worked my ass off to get where I am in X and someone can easily jump ahead with a few NPC hits?  Screw that. 

AA worked together as a team, made it to the pinnacle of Extreme 2, and now some schmuck who can't really hunt can go NPC farming for 23 hours a day cause he lives in mom's basement and become number one?  Why can only a very few people see that this is a problem???

Uni's better off without AA?  Seriously?  Some of the best players in the game, and some think it is better without them?  I'm at a loss for words here....

Best regards to those AA who have made the tough choice.  Come to X, no giant NPC's here, and I need more LIVE targets :D

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Re: End of AA in Extreme Universe 2
« Reply #14 on: September 03, 2012, 02:30:28 PM »
[Removed personal insult - Matt H] and on that note I will say Goodbye  :-*
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