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Author Topic: ATLANTIS------poesidons warriors------are recruiting  (Read 588 times)

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ATLANTIS------poesidons warriors------are recruiting
« on: April 22, 2014, 02:07:36 PM »
Posidens Warriors are an ancient race of fighters who have come to starfleet commander to teach their unique style of the art of war.

Some alliances teach their recruits to become stone cold emotionless killing machines who attempt to terminate everything in their path! but this is not goood for the game.

And it is certainaly not the Atlantian way.

Our expedition leader John L Sheppard has vast experience of playing the game at the highest level and has developed his knowledge in to a new way of playing this game.

If you are looking for an alliance but you feel your voice will be lost in the crowd at a big alliance then why not have a look at atlantis and watch our alliance grow as you grow.

We are looking for recruits at all levels of the game who believe they still have something to learn.
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