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Author Topic: kill unkbil vol 5 zeus fleet bye bye  (Read 470 times)

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kill unkbil vol 5 zeus fleet bye bye
« on: July 15, 2015, 03:50:25 PM »
Today i asked congress to pass a motion to hunt down and punnish the goon responsible.
Congress voted and it was a resounding vote and a message that these type of attacks will not go unpunished, And we will treat them very seriously.
At precisely 15:00 hours gametime i gave the order to go and take out this terrorist aggressor and punish him again for his crimes.
Let the full sfco know the response of how we will deal with such attacks in the same swift and robust fashion.
In less than 15 hours our ships was in the air pounding unkbil to a pulp.
 He was screaming like little girl waving white flag and begging for surrender but there was none.
UNKBIL had to be brought to justice and pay for his crimes again.
Ladys and gentleman we got ukbiladen.
In the attack from terrorist hunter killer ‎‎[33:178:6m] on Jogyakarta ‎‎[33:178:5m]:

The attacking side acquired 24,783,559,923 ore, 8,844,884 crystal, and 86,571,259,456 hydrogen.

Lord Yourfleetgoesboom (ATTACKER) lost 1,057,627,235 RSP and gained 3,057,471,861 DSP. (more)
Unkbil (DEFENDER) lost 3,057,471,861 RSP and gained 1,057,627,235 DSP. (more)

675,080,856,900 ore and 461,399,055,300 crystal are now floating at this location.