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Author Topic: 60 Fields are too small for a Planet:  (Read 1285 times)

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Re: 60 Fields are too small for a Planet:
« Reply #15 on: March 18, 2010, 04:32:37 AM »
Quote from: "youneedamouse"
OK. Thanks for your advice.
I abandoned 2 of the planets and added 3, so I now have
7 planet in 2 Galaxies:

1) Home:  124 of 163, 12th Planet
2) 80 of 80,  3rd Planet, yes I will get rid of this soon, but not yet
3)  96 of 104,  12th Planet
4)  85 of 122, 7th Planet
5)  62 of 310, 6th Planet (next to previous planet)
6)  19 of 179,  6th Planet
7)   2 of 104, 5th Planet (this I will keep abandoning and colonizing until I get at-least 160.

  Still not great but alot better than a few days ago.   :)

  I still don't know what I did different to get the 310.
Has anyone used more than 180 Fields on a Planet?
   Is there any reason to have Factory more than 4?
Capitol more than 10?
Research Lab more than 1 (on an additional planet to the home one)

    I thus suspect one needs between 120 and 180 Fields on any long-term
Planets. With less than 120 one would likely run out of fields. I doubt anybody
would get more than 180 unless one plays for a very very long time.


You do not need ANY research labs on the other colonies until you have ARCNet. Once you do have ARCNet, you will want 1 additional planet to have a level 10 lab for each level of ARC you have.
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Re: 60 Fields are too small for a Planet:
« Reply #16 on: March 18, 2010, 10:13:56 AM »
Quote from: "youneedamouse"
60 is way to few fields for a planet, 80 is just borderline.
I believe one needs at least:
   10+:  Ore
   10+:  Crystal
   10+:  Hydrogen
   10+:  Solar Array + Nuclear Power Plant
   2-8:  Shipyard
   2:      Capitol  (no reason to go higher when limit on Resource)
   1:      Research Lab (if higher on other planets)
   4:      Factory  (Any reason to add more?)
The Ore, Crystal and Hydrogen Warehouses can be 0 if only 10 on the top 3 and
have only 60 Fields.

   My questions though are:
1) Can I return/recycle a Field. for example if I don;t want Hydrogen Today but need
    Crystal, can I undo the Hydrogen to add more Crystal?

2)  I wish it were possible to tell before Colonizing a Planet, how many Fields it has?
     Perhaps these 'smaller' planets should have moons to compensate?

3) I saw an "Abandon This Planet" option. Is that a good option to use for low-Field
    Planets?  Is there anything I am missing?  Is there any advantage to colonizing a
    low-Field Planet over a Higher-Field Planet?
My very first colony was over 300.  It was all downhill from there.

I didn't keep any colonies less than about 140 as my rule.  It took me on average about 5-7 rolls to make sure I was over that.  And that's on the larger planet slots.

1) it costs about 1/3 the build costs to tear down a building.
2) It's not possible.  Every time a Gaia lands it's rolled anew.  Slots don't have predetermined land values.
3) You use abandon when you roll a low field planet, of course.  It hurts, but in the long run if you're planning on keeping that planet you'll want 120 fields or so at least.

Here's what I ended up with:

Home: 163
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