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New Features This Week
« on: September 09, 2009, 11:57:31 PM »
In the last week we've made the following changes:
1. Added Credits and Commanders! Now you can do surveys for or buy credits. Credits can be used for special Commanders who give you in-game perks. People with us during our closed beta period will have received some extra points based on how much they played then.
2. More information in the Galaxy View. Now you can see activity notifications, newbie protection, etc.
3. Newbie protection: Now you cannot attack or be attacked until you reach 100 resource spent points. You cannot attack or be attacked by someone with 5x your resources spent points until you reach 5k. After that it's a free for all.
4. New types of points (defense, total, etc) and leader boards for them.
5. FAQ section added to the bottom.
6. Storage Tanks: mines stop producing resources on a planet once amount there reaches 100k until tanks are built.
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