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Author Topic: Galactic Assassins [GA] Recruiting.  (Read 683 times)

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Galactic Assassins [GA] Recruiting.
« on: June 20, 2011, 03:35:52 PM »
Hey guys, we are looking for miscreants and deviants  :D to join our merry band of pirates  :D   we are small in number but big in attitude. :D

We only have 8 members and 6 of them are in long term vacation mode, so the alliance rankings are mainly made up from the activity from the two of us.

Galactic Assassins stats.

Alliance rank 83

Alliance dsp rank 64

Research 68

Defense 85

We are looking for experienced and active players, who are like minded.

We don't suffer players who do not FRS, or whinge when they get hit...We dont do naps, (other than personal naps ) and we do not honour other members personal naps.

We consider ourselves an aggressive alliance, we will hit anything that stays still for long enough  :) We are only loyal to each other and give scant regard to rank

All we are interested in is playing the game and wreaking as much havoc as possible and having as much fun and laughter with each other along the way.

If any of you are looking to join and alliance without silly politics or rules,  then shout up  JJ Kevlear in game SFE Uni 2 or search for us in the alliance leader page.

Come and have a laugh, if you think you can make the grade  :mrgreen:  :shock:  :D

All applications will be considered.

Safe skys and Happy hunting.

JJ Kevlear

aka bookmite.
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