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Re: Planning Starfleet moving forward!
« Reply #675 on: January 22, 2012, 03:11:28 AM »
The original Universe does need to be updated badly.  Newer players need the ability to build up quicker and more protection to understand the mechanics of the game before they become targets to all of us.  I played Stardrift Empires and had to give that game up due to time constraints.  I learned several things from the newer format there and also from my game play in the original universe.

1.  A heph that can be deployed and undeployed would be a great asset to those that have one.  This would allow us to warp it around, but not have it immediately available because of the time it will take to redeploy it. 

2.  Warp gates should not be changed.  To most of the experienced players these gates are very useful, but they also take out many newer players.  The one hour warp gate cooldown makes the player use skill to get the warp correct the first time or wait an hour. 

3.  The mine production rates need to be ramped up.  Some of the heavy hunters in the game will argue this.  But, in order to keep newer players and allow for others who have been hit to rebuild faster, this must be done.  I would use the mine production rate in Stardrift Empire.  It was fun to be able to build up that quickly.  It is painfully slow for a player to build up their account in the original universe for any player under a 2K rank.     

4.  The 24 hour cooldown after moving a planet needs to be applied to inactives as well.  You have to give the surrounding players a chance to take it out without a top 100 player moving their moon and planet in to take out a large inactive.  This isn't a knock on the top 100 players, they are ranked in the top 100 for a reason.  I just think this gives some of the local players a shot to get a target and balances the game a little. 

5.  The new player protection needs to be updated badly.  It could be easily extended to 250K resource spent points or more.

6.  Put time limits on diplomacy mode where your production goes away.  < 1 week - 100 percent production, < 2 weeks - 50 percent, < 3 weeks - 25 percent, 4 weeks and longer make it 10% production.  Maybe this will help motivate some players who live in diplomacy mode to come out and play once in a while.  This also gives players a chance to take a short break without being penalized. 

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Re: Planning Starfleet moving forward!
« Reply #676 on: January 22, 2012, 03:46:35 AM »
I have a few thoughts and ideas; these are based on what Iíve seen in SFCO over the past couple of years and what Iíve seen posted here. Sorry it got a little long.

Moving planets/ihopping- Everyone can move a planet buy it will cost a set amount of resources, lets say 1 mil of each as an example. It has a 30 day cool down period, you can used credits to shorten the cool down period but it will only shorten it by 50% and can be used only once per cool down period. If you move a planet with a moon there is at least a 50% chance that the moon will be lost. Lost moons will be randomly placed in an asteroid field with an lvl 1 Lunar Base. This will give newer players the chance to move closer to friends or alliance members or to get out of an area they donít want to be in. It will also keep older and bigger players from moving all the time since there is a cool down period and the risk of losing their moon.

Asteroid fields- These will be systems that are larger than normal and full of asteroids. The fields will contain two different types of asteroids. The two different types will be asteroids that can be used as MACís and moons that were lost during a planet move. The asteroids can be probed to see how large they are, many fields they have or what is on them. When probed a MAC asteroid will show how large it is and how many fields it has, but the number will be much smaller than a planet, maybe 10 to 40 fields. But the larger the asteroid the more fields it will have. A moon asteroid will show how large it is and if it happens to have a lvl 1 Lunar Base.

Asteroid Harvester- This is the ship used to collect asteroids from an asteroid field. It will cost about the same as a Gaia and will move to the selected asteroid at the same speed. When they reach the selected asteroid they will burrow into it and push it to the planet the harvester originated from. The return speed/time will be determined by the size of the asteroid, the larger it is the slower it moves. The hydro cost will be much higher than a Gaia since it is much harder to move an asteroid around. Moons will be placed into orbit and can be built on as soon as they arrive. Asteroids for MACs will be placed in an empty planet slot next to the planet the harvester from. Harvesters can not be seen by Oracles. This along with the Asteroid Fields will give players another and cheaper way to get a moon or MAC.

MACís- These are asteroids that have been collected from asteroid fields and converted into MACís. These have limited number of fields and can not be mined for resources. The amount of resources that can be stored is limited, but the amounts can be increased by building warehouses and storage facilities. A limited number of ships can be deployed to the MAC depending on the size of the asteroid. This number can be increased by building Ship Storage Facilities. Zeusís and Hephís can not be deployed to MACís due to their size. Defenses and ships can be built on MACís if the correct shipyard lvl is built on the MAC, the number of defenses is limited to the size of the asteroid and can not be increased. MACís move at a slow speed and use a large amount of hydro, speed and hydro usage is determined by its size. Small ones move faster and use less hydro but have less fields, larger ones move slower and use more hydro but have more fields. MACís can only be destroyed by a Zeus, but all ships and defenses can be destroyed and the resources can be taken, just like attacking a planet. If enough hydro is taken or used from the MAC its travel can be limited or stopped until it is resupplied. MACís can be abandoned but everything on them will be lost, it and any ships that happen to be deployed to it will create a debris field. The MAC also can not move while it still has ships out on an attack, etc. or while it is under attack. Players can only have a limited number of MACís at one time (2 or 3). The movements of the MAC can not be seen by an Oracle but the ships moving toward and away from it can be seen.

Jamming Ship- The Jamming Ship is a ship that is used to jam/scramble an Oracle scan. It would require a new tech to be researched before the ship can be built. When within a fleet that is seen by an Oracle it would only show the total number of ships but not the types, itís destination galaxy and system but not the planet, and itís approximate times +/- 2mins, and it would not show the type of movement like attack, return, etc. It would not be a very fast ship but would have a high hull and shield rating and a low weapons rating. If it is in an attack fleet and destroyed during the battle then the returning fleet could be seen clearly by an Oracle. The amount of scan information that is jammed depends on the number of Jamming ships in the fleet, the level of the Jamming tech and the level of a Scanning tech.

A new harvester that is quicker than the Dio but can hold fewer resources. Like an Atlas compared to a Herc.

A limit to the number of ships a Heph can hold.

Better protection for the new players, let them get a Dio or a smaller version and a mission to teach them how to fleetsave.

A limit to ranks you can attack that are lower than yourself or a lower attack/defense percentage given to someone for attacking someone lower than they are.

A percentage of ships rebuilt after an attack, the percentage would be based on rankings and could vary from 20% to 80%. If you attack someone who is a much lower rank then 80% of their ships get rebuilt but if you attack someone who is a higher rank then only 20% get rebuilt. The DSP points are awarded for the ships that are destroyed and not rebuilt. The remaining ships are hidden until that person logs back into the game. You also can take a lower percentage of resources from a lower ranked player, as low as 10%.

A duel would be interesting, one player challenges another player and if he accepts then they have a duel. Each one uses the same total number of ships (100-200 they decide, Hephís are excluded from duels), they do not know what ship are being sent by their opponent just the total number. Each one selects which ships to send and the amounts of each ship up to the decided limit. They both put of a determined and matching amount of resources up and launch the duel. There is no travel time so the results are known quickly. The winner gets all the resources and what remains of his ships. A ranking would be developed for duels, wins and difficulty help rank and wins hurt your rank.

I think a new uni should have a start and end date. Let it run 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 months at x2 or 3 and at the end of itís time the top players and alliances would be listed. A couple weeks later it would start again from the beginning. Everyone starts with the same building, same techs, and same ships so time is not wasted building and researching items everyone will build. With each restart new and different things will be available to try and see how they work, they can be added and evaluated during the couple of weeks between the end and the beginning. This would give you a way to test new things and if they donít work out they wonít be included in the restart. If people join late then they are never very far behind the other and they only have to wait a little while for the restart. I think this would keep peoples interest and gives them the ability to come back and try again if they didnít do so well the time before.

A buffer or window on the fleet saves, send your fleets out for a set amount of time as usual. If you are not online when they return they will not land for up to two hours. If you log in during the two hour window then your fleets will land within a couple minutes, if you have not logged in during the window your fleets will land.

Iím sure I will think of more and there are others that have posted some good ideas and they are fun to read and think about. But I really donít expect to see any of this in a new uni and I would have a heart attack if any of this made it into the older uniís.

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Re: Planning Starfleet moving forward!
« Reply #677 on: January 22, 2012, 04:06:27 AM »
Oh, and by the way:

- Eliminate the ability to move planets. Period.

Amen +1

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Re: Planning Starfleet moving forward!
« Reply #678 on: January 22, 2012, 04:27:14 AM »
As far as planet moving-goes, I agree with what several people have said: that i-hopping is ruining the game.  While I personally have no intention of moving any planets, since I don't spend money on the game, I think that there are times when moving a planet makes sense (e.g. joining a new alliance and moving to be closer to its members). 

What I would propose though is two-fold:  1. Make the 24-hour cool-down after moving a planet apply to inactives as well.  2. Limit people to a maximum of one planet move per month.

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Re: Planning Starfleet moving forward!
« Reply #679 on: January 22, 2012, 04:33:51 AM »
I have made it through 29 pages so far and here are my wishes...

1. Sliding scale on # GA members based on the RSP of the target.
2. In game chat.  This game was at it's best when it is social.
3. Better newbie protection and instruction.
4. Bring back the Human crew. I don't have many but I do know others who paid to advertise the game who kept a steady inflow of new players.
5. Warp Gate upgrades please.  Reduced cool down time, heph through them, res through them....
6. mines and mine sweepers seem interesting
7. Able to GD ALL alliance members no matter the level
8. NPCs that are "active", % chance they move away during your attack, they attack you,  etc.
9. Either eliminate planet moves or make the 24hr no attack period for inactives too.
10. Battle and defense strategies would be cool with changes to attack order/rapid fire based on which strategy faced which
11. Keep some hydro for recalling an attack/deploy/etc..
12. Anti-ship missiles defense. This would be a new defense not needing a silo. These would be different than IPBMs because theoretically IPBMs would be too easy for ships to shoot down before they reached them.  A new ship would be needed as an escort just to combat them or add the ability to shoot them down to posis and apollos.
13. Some sort of stealth attack ships and defense ships that cannot be easily seen.  Espi would determine how many if any you can see.  This would liven up all battles since there would be an element of uncertainty in all battles..
14. MARKETING - please do what you can to get new people to play.

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Re: Planning Starfleet moving forward!
« Reply #680 on: January 22, 2012, 05:06:45 AM »
Well considering this will be the 6th uni that you guys have developed, I won't be playing along. Those of use that have been playing for years have told you many things that have been mentioned here more than once. Your arrogant, holier than thou, looking down your nose at the people that PAY to SUPPORT your games, think we're just a bunch of hick rednecks attitude personally makes me want to vomit. You can simply revamp the levels at which players can be attacked. You don't need to come out with yet ANOTHER uni. Revamp SFC-X Uni 2! SFC-O and SDE are too boring and do not hhold the interest of new players. If it takes 2 weeks to research Warp 13 or Weapons 17, you're gonna lose alot to boredom. Your great game to end all games SDE was nothing more than a new paint job on a worn out car. Start listening to your cutsomers for once Matt. Come up with something new to be added to the existing game that will attract new players and not run off the ones that have played the game, spent money on it, and listened to supprt beat their chests and patronize us by telling us that our suggestions have been recored and BFG is coninually working to improve the game.

Make changes to the existing games!!! Come up with a way to expand protection thoughout levels of the game!! Don't run off some of the most loyal of us that have put up with your crap all these years!!

Quit beating that horse Matt!!! It's already dead!! We don't want another recycled Uni!

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Re: Planning Starfleet moving forward!
« Reply #681 on: January 22, 2012, 05:19:47 AM »
Amen Matt... +1000

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Re: Planning Starfleet moving forward!
« Reply #682 on: January 22, 2012, 05:45:59 AM »
well said Tekon and Matt.
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Re: Planning Starfleet moving forward!
« Reply #683 on: January 22, 2012, 07:32:19 AM »
On 100% loss of fleet I'm gonna reminisce a little bit first.

Remember from Star Trek TNG, Season 3, Episode title "The Best of Both Worlds pt1". It was the season cliffhanger in which Picard was captured and assimilated by the Borg. When the UFP fleet engaged the Borg at the battle of Wolf 359 and was totally destroyed. When Enterprise finally arrived they found mostly ruined husks of the fleet, heavily damaged, but not reduced to particles. Wreckage. Several of these hulks were salvageable.

Back to US history, December 7,1941. Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Hawaii. In the surprise attack by the Japanese air force every battleship was either damaged or sunk in the assault. Of all these ships the only ones not returned to duty were the USS Arizona and the USS Oklahoma. All the others were salvaged and returned to fight in the Pacific theater.

So how do we implement this into SFC? We would actually need 2 things I believe, one of which has been mentioned, the repair yard. The other thing we would need is another type of recovery vessel, one that can recover these ruined hulks after a battle.

Ships that were totally destroyed by having hull integrity reduced to 0 are dust. The other ships that "blew up" as a result of damage should have a percentage chance of being recovered, maybe equal to the percentage of their remaining hull integrity. Now in large battles this would be a nightmare list of salvageable ships to see in your message box, and it would take about as long to salvage them all than to just rebuild them. So a quick method would be to have the system add up the remaining hull integrity of the ships that blew up and also the total hull of those ships. Then you take the percentage of total hull left and make that percentage be what is recoverable with a salvage ship and repair yard. As for fixing the ships I would say use 30-40% of the original OCH build cost to salvage.

I agree with the rebuild of the fleet, all it would take it to make the same function as the defense so every time your fleet goes to battle you lose 30 percent or so.
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Re: Planning Starfleet moving forward!
« Reply #684 on: January 22, 2012, 10:06:21 AM »
I would like to see new planet types, with bonuses to different resources depending on the type of planet you have. The planet type would be determined upon colonization. Several common types with typical resource production, along with a few more rare planets with higher production for certain resources.

The ability to increase the "Richness" of your planets resource production with certain types of artifacts. Only a certain richness level is possible for each planet, and each artifact would increase richness by say 2 or 4%. Artifacts like this would be found from battling certain NPC's. If you found an NPC that gave this artifact, it would only give you 1, even if you attacked it multiple times, and each person that attacked that NPC would get that artifact. Not just the first person to attack it. Artifacts can NOT be stolen from you.

A flagship, which has been mentioned before. The flagship could be upgraded the longer you play allowing for new weapons, armor, and shields to be mounted on it. It would not be destroyable, but could be damaged so it would be less effective in battle, until it's so damaged that it's unusable until repaird. Repairs would take place in a repair bay that many have suggested to be added. Depending on the amount of damage, the repair bay would take x amount of time and resources to repair your flagship. New resources can be used to add new weapons to your ship and repair it when necessary.

Current mine production rates do need to be stepped up, to at least SFC2 standards, in addition to the above suggestion.

I like the Warp Gate upgrades being able to either move resources for higher levels of the warp gate, or allow multiple fleet jumps during 1 hour.

I also like the idea for a new ship with cloaking ability. Allowing the ship or multiples of these ships to cloak your fleet for a certain percentage of the journey so that the player you are attacking doesn't see your attack for a certain portion of the trip. If you Oracle a planet that is either attacking, or being attacked by one of these cloaked fleets, the Oracle will not see the fleet while it is still cloaked.

Allow for user defined fleet formations for battles, or a battle plan. For instance. I send 20 Hades, 10 Poseidon, and 50 arties to attack 50 missile batteries, 10 Laser cannons, and 5 plasma cannons. Well, right now each ship takes a shot at a random target. One of my Hades ships could hit a Plasma cannon, laser cannon, or missile bat, who knows. Same with one of my artie ships. More likely the missile battery. But when my artie ship fires at a plasma cannon, it's not really gonna do much is it? So it's a wasted shot pretty much. Same with a Hades shooting at a missile battery. It's overkill. Make it so that after launching your attack, you can go to your fleet screen, and click on Battle plan, right where Formation and Recall currently are. That brings up a new screen where you can tell your ships priority targets. Each type of ship has 3 Priority targets available. You can use drop down menus. In this example, I want to take out those Plasmas fast, so I would tell my Hades ships to attack those first. Second choice if those were already gone, is lasers, 3rd missiles. After that, it moves on to anything left. You can do this for each ship. On the defense side, there is a new place on the defense screen to tell your defenses what to do in case your planet is attacked (this includes your ships just in case they are there for the battle. If they aren't there, it ignores it). If no priority is set, it simply defaults to the current method. Allow smaller ships to attack in groups as well, so with arties, you could have groups of 5 attack the exact same Hades on the same round, instead of 5 different Hades. Same with Missile and Laser batteries on the defense side. Once a player goes inactive, defenses are reset to the current method of just random shots. If they come back active again, it automatically goes back to your user set battle plan.

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Re: Planning Starfleet moving forward!
« Reply #685 on: January 22, 2012, 10:12:18 AM »
You have got to be kidding me. Create a new universe.  Is that your answer to everything. No no no not a new universe, make the original universe better.  We don't want to start over as newbies in another universe.  3 years for nothing down the tubes. Please improve this one or you will see yet more long term players just give up.

I completely understand your point about starting all over again, yet at same time understand the game dev rationale for not wanting to incorporate new content which might imbalance the game play. Especially for the potential new players to be chased away even quicker. As my wife states this is too little and way too late. I dont fully agree with my wife but I do understand what she means. This should have been addressed BEFORE the mass exodus of players, however I do think this still can possibly be addressed and changed even now.

So there must be some middle ground. What I suggest is to take one of the Extreme uni's already established to make as a so called "test server" to start introducing new content. The quicker Extreme uni's you can see how this new content will change and impact the game play much quicker. If it is a change that does not majorly impact game play, then introduce that into all the other uni's.

Their is nothing wrong with the game play currently (yes I know their are couple bugs) but overall the game plays as intended. The major thing wrong with the game play now is lack of large player base. In my viewpoint while I understand the hesitancy of game dev's incorporating new content, this must be done to keep the general players to keep playing. To keep the game population healthy and strong. I see two things right off-hand that needs to be addressed.

1. Make it as easy as possible for new players to understand how to play. This has already been stated with op's first post as being worked on.

2. New content/goals to keep those new players playing for the long term. Not just short time like 6 mo's or so. New content / goals should be for BOTH new players as well as old players already still playing. By this I dont mean bringing in new content like the Zeus and Heph that general players will see as un-obtainable goals. Sure the extreme hardcore players can get these things. But the general player is not willing to spend the time or commitment to getting these things and so are viewed as not obtainable.
The general player will unlock all ships up to Zeus and build decent size fleet and then go "ok now what to do". They need more goals beyond that stage to keep them playing. Sorry but new content must be introduced to give them new goals to look forward too. Also new content needs to be added for the extreme hardcore players to keep them interested in playing as well.
But you can give new goals with out just new content. There are other things that can be done as well to give the general player something to do, give them a new goal. Like say every quarter do a weekly tournament. Just couple idea's off top of my head.

Who can gain most rank in week.
Who can get highest ship kills in week.
Who can upgrade the most mines in week.
Who can attack the most targets in week.
Etc, etc.

Goals that all levels of players have a chance at winning. Then give those winners something, like say credits or whatever as prizes. I am sure there are other goals that can be incorporated as well. But new content is unfortunately a necessary evil to keep the player base strong.

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Re: Planning Starfleet moving forward!
« Reply #686 on: January 22, 2012, 10:57:56 AM »
anyone starting any of the well established unis now should be given a huge starting boost.

They should be given a starting fleet that is a percentage of the average fleet size.

as a figure, rank 100 player has 5000proms10,000hades/athena etc...
anyione new to that uni where the fleets are at them numbers should be given a starting fleet of 10% of it so 500proms, 1000hades/athena...
they should also be given base levels of mines based on the average

at the moment, it is pointless any new players starting any of the old unis because of the gap and the runaway

base techs shoudl also be given

the older the uni, the wider the gap

everyone starts a new uni at the base, but the older the uni, the higher the base should be

This would be the only way to get new players to join any of the older unis and have any chance of getting into the game


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Re: Planning Starfleet moving forward!
« Reply #687 on: January 22, 2012, 11:20:41 AM »
That'd be pretty sucky if you started a Uni a month before all those freebies were introduced. And it'd be a bonanza for all those established players as newbies come out of (n) with tasty, yummy fleets and not a clue how to use them.

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Re: Planning Starfleet moving forward!
« Reply #688 on: January 22, 2012, 11:28:48 AM »
That'd be pretty sucky if you started a Uni a month before all those freebies were introduced. And it'd be a bonanza for all those established players as newbies come out of (n) with tasty, yummy fleets and not a clue how to use them.
Not to mention the fact that it would be open to multiaccount abuse so BFG would have to seriously clamp down on that if they went with this.

As far as I'm concerned and reality is concerned, though... the only way to save any of the old unis is by giving noobs a big boost.

Might be better coming in the form of base mines, but even that is open to abuse by the multiaccounter.

Multiaccounters spoil everything and I don;t buy for a minute that BFG don't know who they are

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Re: Planning Starfleet moving forward!
« Reply #689 on: January 22, 2012, 11:54:16 AM »
Ok. Just a thought I had this morning. I'm throwing it out here. Feel free to flame it as you feel the need.It's clear there exists one MAJOR problem: BOREDOM with the game by the higher ranked players that now see the same game they've been playing all along (most for years) because they have grown in size and the amount of "profitable targets" have decreased for "them", because it now takes much more to sustain them.

Suggested Solution:

This is just a general idea, with the specifics yet to be determined, but I propose that after a players rank reaches a certain point (let's say for example, after he/she enters the top 1000 or top 500) that a NEW TECHNOLOGY be available to them to acquire that can only be used against other top-ranked players, or/and players that have a join date of at least the same time frame. This would avoid an imbalance in the game against younger players.


With the acquisition of the new technology comes unwanted DANGER.

I propose the introduction of a "NEW RACE", or "SPECIES" to the game. This new race would be unknown until players could gather intell on them through various encounters.

This new race would be highly intelligent, with superior technology, and their goal would be to assimilate US (all players considered to be human) into their collective, similar to what the Borg are in Star Trek.

This "new race" would be completely computer-driven, and they would only be interested in assimilating the players with the most advanced technologies.

This "new race" would be defeatable, but not so easily so, and may even require top players to unite in their struggles against this... "new race", in order to defend themselves.

While allowing for regular game play through the regular game mechanics, this introduction would keep things more than interesting if top players wish to continue to survive once they've gotten close to the top.

Space is a big place. There should be unknowns present always. It is the lack of the unknown that creates the environment for top ranked players to become bored.

Hey. You gotta admit. It's a hell of a dynamic and doesn't cause any imbalance what-so-ever. If this one idea were developed in detail, BFG could prolong game-play boredom indefinitely, even among the players that have been here the longest. ???

  Hmmm... ???
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