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Author Topic: One Time Opportunity from Blue Frog Gaming  (Read 1288 times)

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One Time Opportunity from Blue Frog Gaming
« on: April 23, 2012, 05:58:08 PM »
We've begun sending a message out to account in Universe 2 offering a special one time opportunity to get started in Starfleet Commander Nova. This offer will continue to be sent the other Universes over the next day or two. By accepting the offer, you will receive an account in Nova with the following:

A 225 first planet.

Ore Mine - Level 10
Crystal Mine - Level 8
Hydrogen Synth - Level 5

Solar Array   - Level 11

Shipyard - Level 4
Capitol - Level 2
Research Lab - Level 3
Factory - Level 2

Tech name:   
Shield Tech    - Level 2
Jet Drive - Level 6
A.I. Tech - Level 2
Energy Tech - Level 3
Espionage Tech - Level 2

Hermes Class Probe x1
Artemis Class Fighter x4
Atlas Class Cargo x3
Apollo Class Fighter x2
Hercules Class Cargo x1
Dionysus Class Recycler x1
Gaia Class Colony Ship x5

2x Missile Battery

Crew Droid x3
Lab Droid x1
Build Droid x1
Mine Droid x2

100,000 Ore
100,000 Crystal
50,000 Hydro

If you are a member of one of the older Universes and you are also already an existing user in Nova, you may claim the offer once and we will boost your account to these levels if you have not already reached them. If your buildings and techs have passed these levels you will be awarded the ships, defenses, droids, resources and larger field count homeworld*.

*Your homeworld is always determined by the game to the planet in your first spot.
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