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Author Topic: The INA (Independant Newb Alliance) is now recruiting  (Read 690 times)

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The INA (Independant Newb Alliance) is now recruiting
« on: May 31, 2012, 09:23:20 PM »
Hi, my name is the Imortal Gandalfini (In SFCO) and I am the leader of a new alliance called the INA. It stands for the "Independent Newb Alliance" and I have created it to be a training alliance for primarily new players to this game, but veterans are also welcome since they usually have a wealth of knowledge that can be shared.

My reason for creating the INA is simple: to train new players with the basic fundamentals of this game so they have a chance to survive with all of the large sharks that swim these black oceans known as space.

It is a dangerous yet exciting place to play but if new players aren't taught the basics hey tend to quit as soon as they get eaten by a large shark. I want to try to fix that.

To this end I created this alliance and it has 1 primary rule: Learn! I have a wealth of knowledge that I would like to share and by teaching new players how to survive in this game, it enriches the game rather than diminishing from it.

If any wish to join the INA they can find me in 11:470 or just search for the INA alliance. We are currently accepting new players as well as veterans who wish to teach.

The Imortal Gandalfini, Leader INA
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