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Optimal setup & fleet composition.
« on: January 01, 2013, 05:13:27 PM »

I quit some month back, but well, after playing three years 24/7, i do still occasionally check the forums. I think I learned a lot of useful stuff playing myself, and with some  great players in original, X1 and X2, so I want to share _my_ opinions and ideas about what is an optimal strategy for developing your game and which tactics to focus on in achieving maximum growth and success.

(I stress that I express _my_ opinions and ideas here. flame on if you want, but dont be dicks- contribute instead :))


Overall strategies:

Early game..

Dont make more temporary "mining planets" than necessary, just what is needed to fund the steady flow of gaias and transports needed to create nine planets with field counts high enough, and correctly spread out.
Spread your planets well, later in the game you will make huge scores from the targets of opportunity that your wide reach gives you. Min 200 planets between planets, preferably in different galaxies to allow cross-galaxy attacks.

Its a pain in the ass though, not only do you need high field count, you also want cold planets in the higher slots AND land in the systems you want. The more neighbors the better.

To handle this you need a lot of transports. Its more work, but worth it when you soar the ranks later in the game. Overnight deploys between moons are easy and helps with moving res around. You won´t need to do that a lot either, because...

Farm your ass off early game to fund your mine building and while building up an income-earning raiding fleet.

Mines & buildings...

Build and spend de-centralized...
Keep your planets setups as close to each other as possible. Your set-up is flexible and doesn't have weak points. If someone wants to seriously mess with you, they need to face you in multiple areas. When your gates are up you should shuffle your fleet around when fleetsaving and it also become harder to observe and decipher your schedule. Adding security and a "feel of mystery" to your planets which will scare the sheep.

Build mines after their ROI, which means high ore & hydro mines. There are spreadsheets out there, use them and follow the numbers that maximize profits.. This is a key point.

You will be low on crystal, trade ore to turtles (or convince them to be turtles to hook you up with crystal hehe  ;D) or better yet, when heph ready do weekly or bi-weekly large merchant trades. Its not a lot of credits.
Power mines with solar satellites and scale your defenses to protect them. As your mining income grows you will need the defense anyways. Solar array is something for the very early game.
Keep it as minimal as possible, but when feasible something like 1 plasma (with a defense ratio along the lines of: 4 gauss, 2-4 pulse, 8-12 pulse, 20-40 laser, 80-120 missile)  per satellite is good and will also let you do offline ship builds in peaceful times.

Keep infrastructure minimal. If it takes you days to afford more mine upgrades, then its not a problem that it takes 2-3 days to build a mine, wait with the foundry, capitol, shipyard etc until their costs are relatively low in comparison with the price of further mine upgrades. You dont need more building capacity than you have income for.
In fact, its counterproductive. Its tight spending that will build you a monster account in the endgame. Giving you a fleet larger than your peers and therefore also letting you profit on crucial profitable hits of opportunity.

Obviously developing moons/oracle is high priority, get it done and do long efficient builds aiming at high oracles.

Keep tech at a minimal, save the crystal for mines, moon and your fleet. This goes for AWS as well. Weapon and armor tech should be kept a level higher than your shield tech.


Continuously build up your fleet throughout your development, but don't spend more than needed to have a fleet that will supply kills and extra income while building up your mines and infrastructure. FORGET about proms and ares for the first several months of the game. Do not build more zeus than needed for fleet saving your planets/moons.
What you need first of all is dios and transports to handle your buildup. Your main transport ships should always be the atlas for speed, since your transports double as a res-raiding ship. There are targets out there with huge stockpiles and those "expensive" atlas fleets will earn their cost back when you are able to launch a kill fleet followed by five atlas waves within minutes of discovering a fat target. Not to mention farming… Atlas!!

Then a fast fleet for moon hunting. Athenas/hades, supported by poseidons, and backed by fodder. Cant stress this enough. The backbone of your fleet should be Athenas & Artemis. Not only is it the "fleet-style" that gives you the most power for the smallest price, it is also the crystal cheapest ships which you will need to focus on with a mine setup that follows ROI and therefore produces the most ore.

You need 15-20 fodder (artemis/apollo) per capitol ship (athena/hades). This was what I personally ended up at, but the details of this can be discussed endlessly and doesn't really matter that much. The main point here is that a fodder heavy fleet is cheaper and hits harder. The higher fuel costs is too small an issue to be a serious back draw.

1 prometheus 
(optional, or build later)
1 ares          
(optional, or build later)
3  hades          
(fantastic ship, but not worth the costs in large numbers compared to what else you can get for your res)
8 athena   
(the backbone of your ore heavy fleet)
16 poseidon   
(often they will not add to the profits of an attack, but they are needed when attacking targets which understands the role of fodder, or planets with lots of missile batteries. Build less than this if you don't use them enough)
50 apollo      
(apollos are awesome, best bang for the buck in the game, but range/fuel limitations means that in your moon-hunting setup they shouldn't constitute more than an auxiliary position to back up your artemis, deliver damage and lessen apollo rapid fire of your targets)
120 artemis   
(your new best friend. Awesome combo with the athenas due to the way the battle system of the game is constructed)

This is a fleet set up aiming at taking down large fleets and making epic kills, not getting fat from living of noobs and mid level targets solely. If that is the level of your ambitions, you can put more focus on the hades for cheap and fast no-loss hits.

The most important ship though, is the harvester.. I haven't had experience with the new harvester types, so I will just mention the dionysis.

Your absolute MINIMUM of dios needed is this:
The number of dios it takes to clear the debris field of a battle between your current attack fleet against an enemy 75% your size. Type your fleet into a simulator and add an enemy with the same ships.
That battle will give you a lot of DSP and a break even, excluding fuel, if you get the debris field. For my fleet ratio there it would mean about 4-5 dionys per athena.

More is always better though.. much more is strongly encouraged. Be ambitious!
Often you will find a target offline and launch on it while later discovering fleets on other idle planets of that player and will need to warp your fleet around to reach them as fast as possible. Only having to use gates for attack fleets (that are quick to return after an hit) and having dios on all planets will ensure you more profitable fun hits. Good times playing your favorite game.
Not investing in  enough dios is the second very common misconception most players have in this game, after dismissing the crucial role of fodder and building mainly capitol ships.

Hunt moon-based, think in profits, play aggressively, but don't be a dick and you will find plenty of buddies out there respecting you for doing just that and your progress in the game.

Thats something on an overall strategy from me. I can share some more thoughts on specific tactics or if anyone would like that I explain my opinion about something in this further, etc.

Fun game! miss it

/Luther Blissett
Luther Blissett  - Uni X2

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Re: Optimal setup & fleet composition.
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2013, 07:25:52 AM »
No doubt hard-won advice made more or less obsolescent by the current breed of NPCs and other recent changes to the game.

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Re: Optimal setup & fleet composition.
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2013, 05:12:49 AM »
Not if you're a hunter.

edit: Person I was responding to deleted his post.
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Re: Optimal setup & fleet composition.
« Reply #3 on: July 18, 2013, 01:52:06 PM »
Great tips! I will add if you are playing Conquest even the above recommendations for Dios are way too low. If you park on a territory you will need much more harvesting capacity.

Also, if you are playing a uni with soft capped mines the importance of focusing on mines is greatly reduced, you want FLEET!!!

The OP is excellent advice for Tourney 4 starting MONDAY!!!!!
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