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The Spartan Alliance
« on: July 28, 2013, 04:53:26 PM »

  Spartan Alliance

We, do hereby band together, to form the Spartan Alliance in an effort to establish, foster and develop the mutual respect; defense and economic cooperation between all members of the Alliance. We do state that these words shall govern us, and that all persons in membership within said Alliance will adhere to them.
In order to promote the healthy well being and general image of the Spartan Alliance, a standard must be met when accepting any new member into the Alliance. The member must not be in Diplomacy mode and must be in general good conduct at all times before and after their acceptance. 

There will be a High Council with 6 members who lead the Alliance.
The leader is the administrator of the Alliance. The leader will bring all issues to the Council.  The Council will oversee all violations of rules and make final judgment.  The leader cannot over ride councilís ruling. Only in a tie will the leader make the tie breaker.

Members shall not enter into Diplomacy (d) or Neutrality mode (p) except for illness or work related and at no time for more than 30 days. Members must PM an officer to explain any use of D or V modes. The use of P mode for 24 Hrs or less is permitted for use in place of FS. Vacation mode for 30-45 days or longer with Council approval.

Gold level players offer 50% of their attacks as group attacks (GA) to the membership. The game limits GAs to 6 members. I suggest offering GA to blue level players to add 1 probe to assist their advancement. 

Forming Sectors of alliance members to facilitate GD and trades. Does not have to all be in the same system but close. I have Systems every 6 galaxies (G1, 6, 12, 18 & 24) this is not a requirement but it fosters game play.

Any blue level player will be mentored by a Gold level player. Blue level players are probates until reaching Gold level play and would have to be voted in by leadership.

No Gold members attack any blue level player, except inactive players.

 We should be defenders against bullies. I do not wish to say members can not attack other players that deserve it. 

We do not need big numbers of membersí just active players. All members must contribute in the forums, trading and game play generally.
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Re: The Spartan Alliance
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I choose to not apply to this.