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Author Topic: The Devil's Rejects (DEVIL)  (Read 3644 times)

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The Devil's Rejects (DEVIL)
« on: May 23, 2014, 11:55:55 PM »
We are born of death, destruction, and chaos. Once trapped into this mortal world, our souls bound to worldly ideals and ambitions. We are the unwanted, the unneeded, and the nothings.

We have found Glorious Eternal Damnation in our exile from this mortal prison of purgatory. We have ascended into the great abyss and have returned as the Great Nothings. The deliverance of your sins is at hand, as hallowed are we.

We are the shadows you only glimpse, we are the cloaked dagger whose sting you shall feel as we ferry your soul to the great abyss of darkness and chaos.

You shall know true pain and suffering, we will grant you deliverance from the chains of your mortal existence.

We are everywhere and we are nowhere. We are the nothing that you fear. We will grant you the mercy of the abyss. Your name will no longer be remembered, your spirit will be consumed by the flames of the abyss. As so it is written, it shall be done.

Hallowed are we. Death and Destruction are we.

Lost forever you shall be.

If you wish to join the Army of Darkness from the Abyss, please send your request in game, and reference the message board in your request.
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