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Re: Let's brainstorm...
« Reply #90 on: September 09, 2015, 10:08:24 PM »
I'm not going to read the entire thread to see if these have been suggested, and they may have bee.  I'd like to see some basics:
     Commas used in all large numbers.
     The ability to cancel shipbuilding queues just like you can in research and building.  I screwed up more than one time and had to abandon the planet to make it useful again
      No surprise max number of ships.  Color coding can tell us if we are approaching the max number of ships allowed on any given planet

Frankly, these are bugs in the current unis and should be corrected.  At a minimum, they should not be repeated in any new universe.

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Re: Let's brainstorm...
« Reply #91 on: September 09, 2015, 10:10:49 PM »
Improvement in WAR.

When two alliances are at war
Players in both alliances should be locked into those alliances for the duration of the war.
Pmode and Dmode should not work against the alliance your at war with. Your at war so how can you be in either Neutrality or Diplomacy.
The only option a player would have is Vmode. The reason for that is your game is on pause, nothing is producing.

+1 for locked players in an alliance
-1 for P-Mode removal -- BFG would never restrict an income stream. They are here to make money for the Shareholders.
+1 for D-mode removal -- does not affect BFG's income stream, but probably not gonna happen.
+1 for V-mode it is the obvious logical conclusion for your thought.

I agree improve the war feature.

Make it possible to have multi alliance wars. 1 on 1 or 3 on 3 if you want.

This would make NAPs Useful for once.

Prizes for the winners. Credit, res,  ships etc agreed before war starts

No p mode while war is in progress but allow d mode

Bring d mode back!!!!!

+1 for Multi-Alliance Alliances during war time. Historical precedence in WWI, WWII, and several others throughout history.
+1 for prizes. maybe a predetermined amount of credits dispersed among alliance members on winning.
-1 for P-mode removal, read above.
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Re: Let's brainstorm...
« Reply #92 on: September 09, 2015, 10:13:45 PM »
How about new types of ships that you can only get by attacking NPCs or probing empty planets?  It would be like a treasure hunt to find and get those ships.  Make sure the NPCs can be taken by the average player and not the NPC only the #1 player can hit.  Can we also get a cap on the size of NPCs so there isn't one that only the top 10 can hit?

Can you make a game that doesn't use flash!?!?!?!  My computer starts going into 100% cpu use with firefox and flash.   It is no fun when you wait forever for something in the game.

Is there anyway to promote team play other than alliances?   Maybe a situation where a group of 2 players fight off invading NPC's in their solar system.  If the players were located at slot 4 and 12, at times they would have to group attack large NPCs in between them but only the slot 4 player could fight NPCs in slot 1, 2 and 3.  The slot 12 player could only attack NPCs in 13, 14, and 15.   Just an idea to work on.

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Re: Let's brainstorm...
« Reply #93 on: September 09, 2015, 10:25:19 PM »

Like really...who needs...1,00000000000000000000000000 probes....let me cancel the build if I make a mistake of any still not build.....In fact add it to the present universes..

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Re: Let's brainstorm...
« Reply #94 on: September 09, 2015, 11:01:36 PM »
 If you're talking about a universe revamp... here's a thought...

 Introduce more resources... like iron, aluminum, gold, ect... ect... and make them part of the formula for building ships, buildings, ect.... to encourage trade...

 All planets have moons... current system is like a weird lottery system requiring sometimes vast resources or blind luck to create them... Life as we know it would not exist on our planet without our moon to stabilize our orbit....

 In addition to random planetary fields when colonizing.... a random bonus to a particular resource... like a 5%-10% bonus to a random resource... this would also encourage trade.... 

 Perhaps even introduce a system of government.... Monarchy, Democracy, Dictatorship, communism, ect... and give each form of government + and - of trade, building, production... ect... ect... and allow us to change during gameplay, perhaps giving us a 24 hour state of anarchy while transitioning from one government form to another...

 Just a thought.... :)
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Re: Let's brainstorm...
« Reply #95 on: September 09, 2015, 11:06:40 PM »
I have other ideas that are not yet well developed, but will post this one for consideration as a feature of a new universe.

This involves the new ships and some mechanics from the Hired Guns universe.


Make a new territory called the "Alien Laboratory" (or some similar/more inventive name). Each player can only hold ONE of this territory at any time.

You then build an "Alien Studies Center" building on it. Build level 1, no benefit to higher levels except minimal RSP gain.

Alien Studies Center:
Time: 02:10:54
Ore: 20,000
Crystal: 40,000
Hydrogen: 20,000

Once an Alien Studies Center has been constructed (while still holding it) you must attack and win a battle against a Krug, Urcath, and Seeker encounter respectively. This unlocks "Krug Reverse Engineering" "Urcath Reverse Engineering" and Seeker Reverse Engineering" technologies to be researched. I expect you can guess which encounter unlocks which Reverse Engineering technology, lol.

These techs will allow you to build the Krug Mantus, Typhon ships; Urcath Vortex ship; Seeker Magnon and Cirrus ships at your own shipyards on your planets. You took the time and made the effort to reverse engineer alien technologies from the battles with aliens, so reap the rewards!

These technologies are researched at your Research Lab on your planet (affected as any normal tech is by ARCNet, lab levels, droids), and once one level of Reverse Engineering for each alien race is researched, each, respectively, adds the Krug/Urcath/Seeker W/S/A/Drive techs to the list of techs for your own Research Labs to handle.

Once you have all 3 Reverse Engineering techs unlocked, there is no point to holding the Alien Studies Center. At this time (all 3 techs unlocked) the territory should permanently appear greyed out as an attack option on the System page (Group Defense link should still appear, however, to let you help others hold theirs) and your territory should begin a 24 hour despawn countdown, to give you an opportunity to Deploy any ships back to a planet or moon.

The limitations on the territory, plus said benefits accruing to your account itself (ie your colonies, not a lifetime limited construction territory everybody wants to hold like in Hired Guns), should prevent territory hoarding by the top players and let everyone playing make use of those ships.
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Re: Let's brainstorm...
« Reply #96 on: September 09, 2015, 11:10:24 PM »
First I think we have to look at a fundamental issue, BFG have to make money. Unfortunately what has ruined the game in a number of ways is this requirement and how it has been actioned, by allowing players to gain a large early advantage (and yes I have and do spend money on this game). Many universes have also been geared towards making play difficult without merchant trading (No hydro for instance) making it possible for those willing to spend money to again achieve a big advantage.
No one should be able to spend credits on speeding up building and research as this can give too much of an early advantage. The commander system is more acceptable and can give a smaller advantage but the use of additional androids should not be allowed as again those that can afford the most gain a large advantage.

Where BFG could make money is by offering advanced interface options as happens in other games and either make these available via commanders or by subscription. Examples of this include equivalents of Openparser, a battle calculator ( - these things exist and are used by players but are not well maintained. similarly the interface could be enhanced by offering many of the upgrades offered by the eljerscripts (EspiParserSummary etc). These are things that were being asked for at the time, which is why the scripts were written, but BFG seem to have ignored this.

The player base size is also an issue and it has a couple of catch 22s. More advertising/social marketing has to be perfromed in order to increase the customer base but this is no good if people leave the game faster than they are brought in. What we have to acknowledge is that if people lose their fleet they quit and are not encouraged or able to rebuild. There has to be a mechanism for people to get their fleet returned to them. Maybe this could be done over a number of days with maybe the percentage returned each day or the speed at which it is returned being  dependant on rank. This would encourage people to stay around.

Please get rid of Oracles, again this highly skews game play toward higher ranked players. Warp gates are fine and having them on moons is fine as this improves later game play, but please make moons available by research and not randomly throwing arties around. If someone loses a fleet in battle then fine give them a moon as a bonus.

As others have said make quests achievable (kill 5000 charons is pointless). Limit NPCs as the game is pointless when, as in the latest version you can make more from killing NPCs than from building mines past a certain point and this limits PVP.

Again as others have said less galaxies with less systems, at least to start with, expand if the player base requires it (maybe in this case less reliance on planet position for solar/hydro/build slots).

Do not change P mode, this is a personal preference and what I pay for, I will not play without this as I want to play when I am ready to play and I do not want to spend 15 minutes fleetsaving everything. People still make mistakes even with P mode in play, they forget to add enough time, they oversleep and miss, they get stuck in traffic, they fall asleep and forget to put it on, etc.

Also there have been nuisance bugs/features in the game for years which are stupid. If someone is attacked on a GA that requires 6 players that planet then becomes non-attackable for 24 hours as each participant slot counts as a seperate attack when in fact it is only one. I have in fact managed to do this myself once when using ships from 3 different planets on 2 attack waves.

I'm sure there are other things but that is it for now.

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Re: Let's brainstorm...
« Reply #97 on: September 09, 2015, 11:13:38 PM »
Since you stated, Matt, Shipyards are either Queue up ships but No Cancelling, or Cancel but no Queuing, I have a small idea that would tweak Shipyards but still hold to this formula.

Add an Emergency Build option. Shipyards then build at 25% faster rate for 2 (3) days (Emergency). The next 4 (6) days they build at 50% of the original (normal) speed (recovering from extra effort, resource expenditure of Emergency Building).

This is considered a part of the 75% cap on Construction speeds.
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Re: Let's brainstorm...
« Reply #98 on: September 09, 2015, 11:20:51 PM »
Quote from: Londo on Today at 09:31:14 PM

    Here's an idea I KNOW you will not accept.
    While currently in use is the (N) or (n) designation,and it works...
    ADD a designation for those of us who spend very little due to personal financial circumstance ,
    Those who spend Ungodly amounts to attain ranking or p mode hiding.

    Perhaps ($) for a heavy use credit card account and a (=) for a sparse or rare money spender.

What benefit would this actually add to your gameplay?

It would add balance for IF implemented, the Big money spenders would NOT be able to attack players who spend little or nothing. Players like me that have time but lack funds to spend like some players who come in and out of p mode like I do a doorway.

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Re: Let's brainstorm...
« Reply #99 on: September 09, 2015, 11:24:00 PM »
Eradeon 2 was the most balanced uni.   

But here are things to improve

Increase mine production   Output is still too low

As the NPC debris fields continue to grow the mines should automatically increase after 3 or 4 months

To keep interest in the game, (not really sure BFG CARES) change up the game.  Add new ship such as the Alien ships

One of the biggest problems is research.   You need to cap the research to a week.  Younger generations want results now and don't or won't play games requiring weeks or months to play

Make it easier to rebuild a fleet after you lose it.  Again many walk away after playing for three months as it takes too long to rebuild

P mode is great.  Keep it as I don't have to be tied to the game

You have to make it faster to build everything from research, e levels, ships and mines.  Younger generations won't play after a week as they still don't have enough of anything to see results

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Re: Let's brainstorm...
« Reply #100 on: September 09, 2015, 11:26:25 PM »
the good ideas so far:
- make it faster for new player
- new kind of ships is always fun
- less system/galaxy, more slots
- transfer credits without involving BFG
- more war rules and give bonus/reward for winners
- SFC arena ideas are pretty nice

The idea of having more than 1 heph per player is boring imo.  Something nice would be some kind of war platform (like a heph) that can only be built by alliance, and anybody from that alliance can deploy ship to it. You move it around like a heph and group attack from it.

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Re: Let's brainstorm...
« Reply #101 on: September 09, 2015, 11:35:14 PM »
As it appears you-all have no intention of 'fixing' or 'updating' the only Uni I play in any more - what's the point of asking for our feedback now?   

You-all have tried all kinds of fancy permutations on the spin-off Universes,.... the only one of the newer innovations that was kind of cool were the roving territory ones.  But even that got kind of old when everybody's fleets got so insanely huge that I (a part-time player) couldn't  even think about competing for them,..... and when the NPCs attacking those territories ended up having millions of ships,.....

I suggest a 'fix' for SFC Uni,.... the original,.... do another Universe contraction down to maybe 10-15 Galaxies.  At least then I might have a few neighbors to work with on attacks,... or defend against that were not 50+ systems away.  With 35 Galaxies - there's just too much empty space there any more with like 2500-3000 actual players,.... more than half of which are in "D" mode at any given time. 

But as usual,..... you-all don't want to listen to that sort of input. 

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Re: Let's brainstorm...
« Reply #102 on: September 09, 2015, 11:38:41 PM »
I would like to see something similar to Hired Guns,  in that the different races have different ships and technology. The difference here would  be that you need to pick your race to play for.   Humans, Krug, Urcath, or Seeker would be the choices.   Each would have it's  own ships and no way to get ships from another race.  Each would have it's own version of Hephaestus (Titan),  Zeus,  Thanatos, and so forth. NPC's could be called Unknown Species (would have to probe to find out race for target).  You could try it out as a Tournament to see if works,  before making a permanent universe.
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Re: Let's brainstorm...
« Reply #103 on: September 09, 2015, 11:41:29 PM »
Multiple moons on one planet. A new ship similar to Hades or Athena that requires much more crystal to build than ore or hydrogen. Stronger mine production.

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Re: Let's brainstorm...
« Reply #104 on: September 09, 2015, 11:45:55 PM »
Just by reading the majority of comments here it appears to me just a re hash of existing uni's and people wanting things added or deleted to suit their game play....very few new unless BFG comes up with a totally new concept with NEW ideas and not just the same old uni's with a tweek here or there it will just become another ghost town in a month or less with the same people complaining about the same things.   I thought the idea of this thread was for new ideas for a new game concept, guess I was wrong!!    ::)
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