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Re: 4Th Tournament - Semifinals
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Commander Jen looked over the computer logs and stopped at one log entry. “That is not right she muttered. I was not here during that time. Who logged on my terminal during that time. Quickly she checked the camera logs and saw a person enter her office and access the computer. Keeping his head and face down to avoid the cameras. Commander Jen noticed something and zeroed in on his wrist. There was half of a tattoo of a phoenix.   “phoenix squadron”. Jen muttered. She quickly logged into the records of the phoenix squadron and accounted for all but two of them. She checked what the intruder had accessed. All of The intel reports from  Admiral Wayne and Vashanka fleet deployment. “What does he intend to do with that Muttered Commander Jen.  Commander Jen got up and walked to the pilots rec room. “There were just a few pilots in their talking and having a few drinks. Nothing there to see. She walked down to pilots launch bays. “Did any pilot take off soon after 2200 hours” Asked Jen on a hunch. “yes cammander Jenkins left at that time on his Apollo fighter. “Where did he go Asked Commander Jen. He said he was just getting some fight time.” Answered the flight deck engineer. Commander Jen walked over to the nav computer and access long range scans for any of Lord Theo’s Apollo out in the system. She found one headed for Commander Vashanka base.
“he does not have authority to go there said Jen feeling suddenly apprehensive. She rushed over to another Apollo fighter and jumped in. “Taking her out for a spin myself Yelled Commander Jen.” I want to clear my head.”
She put the throttle down and headed for Vashanka base in 8:225. “Two hours till the end of the war and we have a rougue pilot going to a sensitive area were we expect a possible attack” Jen muttered to herself. I do not like it one bit.”
She landed on Vashanka base and jumped out of her ship. “Where did Pilot Jenkins go. She yelled. The deck hand pointed very startled and she ran up to the elevator. She noticed it was for the command center. “Nooooo. He would not dare. He could not.” Commander Jens mind screamed in her mind.

Commander Jen burst into the command Center to find Vashanka with her second in his arms blood coming from a wound in his back.  Commander Jen rushed over to the scanners and did a quick scan of the area. Nothing what is that. She enlarged the screen. There  just as she feared. A Massive Hades fleet bearing the insignia of HOD and Admiral Todd Wayne was just 8 minutes out. “Commander Vashanka we are under attack. She hit the red alert button. Sirens blared over the whole station. The sirens brought Commander Vashanaka to his senses from his shock at his second being murdered.
“All fighters to your ships. We have one last battle to fight. This war is not yet over for the darkness.” Comander Vashanka ordered. Suddenly the screen lit up and Admiral Todd Wayne face appeared. “ready to surrender or are you going to Run again.” “Not this time Admiral “ Vanshanka said with a hard tone in his voice. “If you keep coming my fleet will give you battle and we have the forces to defeat your hades forces no matter how many they may be.” My calculations prove we will win.” Admiral Wayne smiled. “You think so do you. Against 1.5 Trillion Hades. You do have a lot of faith in your fleet my worthy adversary. You had best run like you do best.” Admiral waynes face faded away as the communication was cut off. “Sir Commander Jen said. “I would be honored if you let me take your seconds place in this battle. Vashanka looked at her. Of course Commander Jen take the second wing of the Beta fleet of Zues and cover our left flank.
Minute later with 2 billion zues under her command and Vashanka taking the alpha wing the entire fleet of vashanka finest gave battle to hod in the biggest battle of Based ons history.
For several hours the battle raged. Explosions and shields flaring and ships exploding filled the skies. Neither side would yield. This was a do or die for HOD. Fail and they lose the war. Win and they force a tie breaker war.
Finally the zues cannons fell silent. “Why have you stopped shooting” asked commander Jen “There no more enemy targets Left. They enemy is disengaging and warping back home.” Said the young man at the console.
Any reports from the Athena and hades and prom wings. Asked commander Jen. “No they are all destroyed. Only the zues wings did not suffer any losses and of course our heph.” Said the young man.
“only the zues fleet left” Dispite the great victory Jen could only weep. All those brave young me gone when the war was only an hour left. “Why what was the point of fighting” Why sacrifice all those brave young men and women for what.” “To defend our honor and to prove that the men and woman under Vashankas command will stand and fight and not run.” Commander vashanka said. Commander Jen looked up her eyes still red and swollen. She wiped her eyes quickly and turned to the viewscreen. “Yes I understand but was it worth it” Was it worth the losses just so we could claim another victory.”
Vashanka looked wistful. “Yes it was worth it. We proved once and  for all that Admiral wayne is not in fallible and he can be beaten in a toe to toe fight”  “we will rebuild and we will fight once more in the upcoming B.A.D war coming up in a week.
The darkness will prove once again that we know how to fight. We are small but we are the best fighting force in the universe. “Let the darkness grow “May the darkness growed yelled Vashankas warriors.

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Re: 4Th Tournament - Semifinals
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That... Was a great read. :)
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Re: 4Th Tournament - Semifinals
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Re: 4Th Tournament - Semifinals
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Yeah, Theo - that was pretty good. I look forward to fighting you guys again. It is always fun. :D