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Going Script Free This Time

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Stina Starr:

--- Quote from: Admiral T-Wayne on March 24, 2016, 09:55:12 PM ---Stina,

It's about saving time, reducing errors and mistakes, and having more information at your fingertips.

Such as -- the script-based integration between espi results and Battlementat.  Open the espi report, click the Battlementat link, and open BM, populated with the defender's ships and techs, as well as your techs and planet/moon coordinates.

And, how about the integration between the Galaxy page and Open Parser? 

FRS Assist, for quicker FRSes with reduced chances of errors?

TimeLive, which, in addition to fleet travel time, gives you arrival time in your local time as well as game time?

And, the nifty script that makes it easier to calculate how many cargoes you need to carry a give amount of res?

There are others, each of which adds its own value to the game.

--- End quote ---

In theory, I understand "why"...but it all seems so "lazy"...and unnecessary. Copy and paste works rather well... My tech levels don't change often enough for me to need something to update battlementat when it does. FRSing was also never an issue... I rarely use game times, unless I'm talking to someone I don't know. You need 8 carms for every million in resources. My handy onscreen calculator does the trick when my mental math is failing. Almost everything can be done visually, with no calculator or guessing. I'm not suggesting that people not use it...just that I haven't seen a need for it. I haven't felt like "I wish there was an easier way to do....", yet.

That's all true, it very easily doable and that's one of the reasons I have decided not to use any help this time. But like I was saying once you get accustomed to a certain play style it will take me a short time to adjust again.

Dark Eye:
What is FRS Assist?

Admiral T-Wayne:
FRS Assist is an "easter egg" script that is available from  For some reason, it isn't accessible from the front page of the eljercode site, I guess because the guy who owns the site no longer actively maintains the site.

You can find the script at:

It really is a little gem.

spunky pewster:
can someone please walk me through installing the basic scripts off of

it has been years since i have used them and i can't remember what to do :(

i am using windows and firefox.

thank you.


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