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Author Topic: piemer is a PUNK!  (Read 1611 times)

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piemer is a PUNK!
« on: April 04, 2016, 01:10:53 AM »
I have been playing this game since beta and met a LOT of great people and talented players.

Sometimes a player will quit the game for whatever reason and not want his/her account to go to waste and pass it along to another talented player as to keep its legacy going and on the rise.

I have been the recipient of an account or two in my time and always done them right.

Some have played with me and some havent... I am known to be rather ruthless and diligent on busting a fleet if i wanted it. For that... not everybody likes me (it was never a popularity contest) Its a War game and i thrived in it.

Along the way us players that have Really put in the years with SFC and its many 'verses we encounter the juvenile whiney biotch.

Well this is their King

The KING of whiney biotches

piemer is a farmer at best with little real SFC skill.

And a very poor leader (why i left his alliance with others)

It is believed he is short in stature with next to no manhood and suffers from chronic little/big man syndrome.

There is a thread in battle reports of me killing his supposedly unkillable heph solo, as well as another pretty sizable hit ( at the time those hits were Landmark in the game)

I purposely built a fleet to accomplish these deeds and did so with skill and knowhow as i was even outranked by this farmer.

He needed putting in his place and i did so.

Since then i have almost left the game due to new job and real life responsibilities and he has landed some hits on another player who has all but left the game as well and left all his ships just adrift and unattended.

So now piemer is the greatest SFC player to fly the unfriendly skies and sends me this message criticizing my girl and the fact someone gave her an account as well... (uni3 is pretty much dead and the players are dropping like flies... me included) so the account changes are busier than ever.

The message...

Piemer   re: hmm   about 11 hours ago
To: Han Zolo
Date: 2016-04-03 14:05:59 UTC
You will quit because you are a looser. You got a small hit on me that did me NO harm. And you want to keep bragging about it. You had just caught me off guard. It was a lucky chance that you will never get again.

She did swindle the acct. She did not deserve it. She was not even with the alliance that long. What did she have to suck to get that account? Did she spread her legs for Mitt? You are both traitors. And you will go down in history as traitors.

Look who is #1. I am the best. I earned my place as #1. I have my original account and was given nothing by anyone. You cannot say the same. You are beggars. You beg for what you cannot achieve on your own. You did not earn anything in this game on your own.

Im sure that worse has been said to others but this attack on my girl just to rile me has taken being a punk P.O.S. to new levels.

Of course the message has been reported to the proper authorities and we will see what happens.

It was nice knowing most all of you and ill still be on the SFC addicts page as well just because of the great Randy bunch you all are.

But piemer ... You better hope i never Really meet you in a dark alley

9:10 Eastern time... how long before this thread is locked?

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Re: piemer is a PUNK!
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2016, 10:31:43 PM »
Reporting this message to BFG was the best you could do. No matter what happened in the game - it is a game and should remain so. So there should be no need to insult other players for any reason.

Your comments about passing forward accounts on the other side is an issue that many players would not agree to. In fact passing forward accounts is more or less an insult to players who spent much time and attention to build up their own. Players get suspended for pushing but the ultimate push of all - the account forward - remains without any sanctions?

I totally agree to you that the message you received is unacceptable. On the other side I also agree with everyone who is blaming (anyone) for being an account receiver.

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Re: piemer is a PUNK!
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2016, 10:46:05 PM »
BFG login says over 4,000 players in uni 3.  Leader boards say 192.  What a difference.  BFG should be pushing for new players, not trying to push into ever more universes. 
If an account is passed on, it saves the game a little, if it goes POOF! it kills the game a little IMHO.

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Re: piemer is a PUNK!
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2017, 01:45:49 AM »
Remember everyone, there are two sides to each story and group of messages. What he failed to mention was that He was leader, left the game, came back and a vote was taken when the current leader quit. I got the popular vote. He got mad, left the alliance to join our main enemy. Within a few weeks, they were given the #1 account. They were targeting nothing but my alliance. Their messages were harassing everyone in the alliance. He got one small fleet on an auxiliary planet near where I forced him to move by taking all the NPC targets in the area he was. He wanted me to move the planet. Instead, I fortified it with more ships than he had. He threw a fit. I eventually wiped them both out. Someone still has his old account but the #1 account they had, she rage quit when I got her and she deleted the planets and infrastructure. They were really selfish people. He was mainly upset because I helped alliance members that got hit by replacing their lost resources. He thought that was not teaching them a lesson and was against it. Their messages contained a lot of personal attacks but I never cried to the forum boards or looked for a safe place, I returned personal attacks.

At this time, I am #1 and I am invincible in Uni3.

Here is the top 5 leader board at this time:

1    Supreme Conqueror Piemer‎    AWE    3,759,080,505,409,015,808
2    High Warlord Deathmanjoe‎    FIGHT!    157,835,531,253,342,272
3    Supreme Commander Bad Yoda‎    AA    17,338,748,122,218,840
4    Grand Admiral Jericho‎       9,344,758,694,805,232
5    Fleet Admiral Jimmy Tux‎    AA    6,333,129,008,392,541

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Re: piemer is a PUNK!
« Reply #4 on: August 28, 2017, 02:31:29 PM »
Whatever let's you sleep at night piemer...

The Han Zolo meets piemer in a dark alley battle report thread says somewhat a different story.

I left the game shortly after and am not sure who took over the account.

Piemer is a legend in his own mind.
(Small on at that)

I was probably the only one who made it a point to put him in his place so he's pretty up tight about it.
Whats cooler than Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll??
PIRATES of course!!!