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Author Topic: SX4 "salting" sucks  (Read 800 times)

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SX4 "salting" sucks
« on: August 30, 2016, 05:16:16 PM »
 :D I've been playing Starfleet Commander for many years and have settled down into SX2 and SX4.  SX2 is old and many have moved on, but the "salting" of zillions of rez randomly to support those who live by salvaging has kept the game alive for a lot of us.

 :( Unfortunately, this has not continued into SX4. There is very sparse salting in some of the lower galaxies, but almost nothing in G4 & G5.  The fact that there are only half as many galaxies as the older unis means that it's a lot harder to survive.  If the goal is to get rid of us, it's beginning to work in my case. 

The only thing keeping me in SX4 is a great alliance (Barracuda).  My plan is to build a fleet by salvaging and use the proceeds to become a warrior, with the help of my mates.  My growth has been stunted by the lack of funds available in the game and I'm considering dropping out altogether.

I suspect that I'm not alone in this predicament.  I don't understand why you've dropped the best parts of SX2 when you created SX4.  It would seem that business interests and the profit motive have overshadowed the desire to provide a great game.
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