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Author Topic: A Moon Has Been Abandoned  (Read 2105 times)

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Re: A Moon Has Been Abandoned
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Quote from: "Rolf Juul Nielsen"
Well i did leave my moon.

I was getting to much attention, and some smaller allianceĀ“s was scared the s*** out of them.

= reason to keep it.

Quote from: "Rolf Juul Nielsen"
So the ran to John Jupp for help and then all hell broke loss!!!!

Not a problem. Rather, an opportunity to take out a bigger player.

Quote from: "Rolf Juul Nielsen"
Not such a great loss... Couldnt get the res for oracle over lvl 2.

Major loss. Compounds the destruction of your fleet by a factor of 10 or more. And you would have got the res for it eventually. Now if you want an Oracle, you'll have to pay millions of res just for the moon AND STILL have to pay for that Oracle level 3.

Quote from: "Rolf Juul Nielsen"
Not a wuzz, but was fearing a full out strike from John Jupp and his members on my other planets!

Rolf Juul Nielsen

Definately a wuss, or you'd not have feared any strike at all. So what if they want to burn hydro just to fight your defences?
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