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Bug Report
« on: August 17, 2010, 01:39:41 AM »
I was playing and noticed an interesting bug.

Requirements for colony:

  • Pulse Drive (level 1)
  • Missile Silo (level 4) - 1 Anti-Ballistic + 1 Interplanetary
  • Shipyard (level 2+)

On my colony:

  • Pulse Drive (level 7)
  • Missile Silo (level 5) - 34 Anti-Ballistic + 8 Interplanetary
  • Shipyard (level 11) [before tearing down]

Steps to reproduce:

  • Start tearing down the Shipyard.
  • Launch a missile strike, using all the Interplanetary Ballistic Missiles in the silo.
  • Before the missile strike is completed, try to start building replacement Interplanetary Ballistic Missiles. It will refuse, saying that there is not enough room in the Missile Silo. Do not build anything else at this time.
  • After the Shipyard has finished being torn down a level, build any ship or defense (in my case it was 100x Missile Batteries).

Expected outcome:

The defenses will be built right away, due to there being nothing in the build queue.

Observed outcome:

The Interplanetary Ballistic Missiles that were unsuccessfully sent to the build queue begin building right away, and the defenses are entered into the build queue below them.
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Re: Bug Report
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2010, 01:54:06 AM »
:evil: you can't build missiles while tearing down shipyard.. hence the error.. once it was torn down it allowed you to que up.. this is more of a glitch you saw then a true bug.. missiles were probably in a sort of virtual que and when shipyard was torn down and you qued missile turrets it qued the missiles at the same time.. ;  No real bug just a goofy set of circumstances..
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